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Homeschooling Memoirs | Part 4(unfinished draft)

One of the most common and understandable misconceptions about homeschoolers is that they are more likely to be inadequately socialized. Prima facie, this notion seems correct (or, at least plausible) since the average homeschooler probably participates in fewer social interactions than his public school counterparts. However, the important question in this respect isn’t quantitative but […]

Excerpt From An Inquiry Concerning ‘Reason’

For some enlightenment philosophers (namely, Hume, Locke, and Smith) conformity to ‘Reason” included prioritizing the discovery and observance of widely shared implicit behavioral rules. The justification for giving such rules primacy over those which could be derived from alternative sources – e.g. the creative intellect2 – though not often stated (conceivably owing to its then-axiomatic status3) […]

Rampant Ingratitude Is Fostering Social Deterioration

The Incompatibility of Totalitarianism And Religion Religion claims to provide a point of reference by which the individual can anchor his attitude towards external circumstances. Belief in such a point of reference supplies him with the confidence necessary to execute judgement and make decisions in the world. This appears to explain, at least partly, why […]

Revisiting The Road to Serfdom | Part II : Hybridized Economies and Squabbling Planners

Are freedom and organization compatible principles? In other words, can competitive capitalism and centralized planning prosper simultaneously? These questions present, in a nutshell, the overarching theme of the third chapter of The Road to Serdom (1) titled “individualism and collectivism.” Hayek begins by informing the reader that there are many socialists who are all but […]