The Green New Deal Fails Horribly, but Cortez Still Wants More!

If any major honest news organization ever decided to make a documentary film about the top ten worst deals ever, I think we can reasonably say The Green New Deal would probably be a participant in it. Although the deal concerns “climate change” something most democrats will tell you is drastically important for the survival of the human race, it has a long list of demands which currently can’t be met. For those that have been following the story, the youngest congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez a Democratic Socialist from New York sponsored the deal after she began her first term in early 2019. Cortez at that time was not only getting brutally mocked by the media (or at least us conservatives) for being borderline retarded, but she was beggining her ominous agenda.

In America you will learn only specific people should be qualified for positions of power and in Cortez’s case she only gained power because of poor Americans that want free stuff. Free stuff is the Democratic party’s main tactic these days, without free stuff the Democrats would be considered a pointless group of sorry really old people.

Going back to the Green New Deal, Cortez immediately began promoting her radical left-wing climate change ideas to the public. She also used her “rags to riches” story, which basically was a big time lie about how poor she was not to long ago and now she wears $3,000 green suits. After convincing a bunch more millennials that socialism is the only promising governmental route to take she unveiled her support for the Green New Deal, which led to the bill being voted on yesterday on the senate floor.

There once was a time in the fourth grade when I was planning on running for class president. I thought I could really get the school to extend every recess an extra 15 minutes, but I realized that wasn’t possible after my friend got elected and he informed me that you couldn’t. Same thing In AOC’s case, just because you think your idea is great and amazing doesn’t mean it’s easily possible to put into effect. After the vote was conducted the results were 57-0, not one democrat supported the deal. Ed Markey a Massachusetts senator, who co-authored the deal didn’t even vote for it. That is where my theory begins.

Most of the material proposed in the Green New Deal was material most modern day democratic liberals believe in, so why did not one vote for what seemed to be their political success? Though the left seems to be leading us into a socialist country, they obviously don’t want to do it so drastically. The Green New Deal is too drastic, if it would have been passed voters would see it’s effects. The truth is, the Democrats want socialism or at least some of them do, but they want to implement it slowly. If they act too drastically people will see it and that would end their power hungry ideas.

Although Cortez claims that the Green New Deal is about American lives, is it really? Find the facts, add them up, and discover the truth. That is how you find “real news.”

Article by : @leftistphobia

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