In “The Matriarch”, Barbara Bush Says In Interview : Trump Was The Primary Cause Of Her Heart Scare

Before we get to bashing Barbara Bush for her intellectual statement about how her heart problems were somehow caused by President Trump, lets understand where this whole thing started.

This entire story is really just an encouraging mom that only saw her son as the future president. I mean doesn’t every mom want that for here son? Sadly, that dream doesn’t always come true. As a matter of fact the odds of becoming president of the United States is about 1 in 300,000,000, which means you have a better chance of getting struck by lighting twice than becoming president.

During the 2016 election we dealt with Jeb Bush, the brother of George Bush. Jeb or Jebra as we referred to him as, was pretty much a delicate little flower on the GOP stage next to then future President Donald Trump. Jeb’s mother Barbara Bush was determined to help her son win the election, although she failed to realize at that point “nobody wanted a pushover for president.”

When your campaigning, your goal is to take out your opponents. It doesn’t matter if that opponent has a sweet mommy who is helping him gain support, but the key goal in getting elected is your ability to convince the population that you’re a better choice than the next guy. It really doesn’t matter how you do it.

Jumping back to present day we have a biography that is getting released next week about Jebs mom Barbara Bush, except the crazy thing is we have an awesome segment from USA Today that pertains to the former First Lady.

“It wasn’t technically a heart attack, though she called it that. It was a crisis in her long battle with congestive heart failure and chronic pulmonary disease that hit her like a sledgehammer one day in June 2016. An ambulance was called to take her to the hospital. The two former presidents who had been at home with her that day, her husband and her oldest son, trailed in a car driven by the Secret Service. The tumultuous presidential campaign in general and Trump’s ridicule of son Jeb Bush in particular had riled her. “Angst,” she told me.”

A simple truth is, a lot of people have heart problems. If Barbara was getting stressed about Trump then, I think she should have visited one of those “Always Mentally Riled About Stuff Trump Says” clinics. The facts behind this story are simple. Jeb was not fit to be president, but his mother thought he was. Then she had a heart scare and was driven in an ambulance to a hospital. When she was asked about her health scare, she basically made the impression that Trump was the primary cause. As everyone may or may not know, people will say a lot of outrageous totally ignorant statements as to why they have certain health problems, but blaming people’s words for your personal health problems is simply a waste of breath.

Overall Barbara was a great true American woman who a lot of people loved and are definitely missing, but just remember saying stupid thing’s on your death bed is still considered stupid. Even if you’re dying.

Article by : @leftistphobia

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