Border Security Is Failing Fast and Ilegal Alien Costs Are “through the roof!”

Forget climate change, forget abortion rights, and forget hate crimes because if we don’t get border security fast it will be the end of us. People are constantly asking me why border security is one of my primary issues and I want to respond to them with a sensible answer, but I can’t because it’s very obvious why I hold such an opinion.

Just today @josh_hammer commented,

“A completely unprecedented border migration surge notwithstanding, The Wall Street Journal reports today that U.S. Border Patrol will no longer prosecute first-time border crossers in West Texas’s pivotal Del Rio Sector. According to U.S. Customs and Border Protection data from last month, the Del Rio Sector saw an 82% year-over-year increase in unaccompanied alien children apprehensions.”

If you’ve been to Mexico or if you been to Venezuela, you probably understand why these people want to live in “America.”

I don’t know why people are so unaware of the dangers of what the left supports. The United States is 14.3% of the world population. Basically we have a big sticker slapped on us that says “free stuff”, and people want to talk about climate change? Climate change is currently not possible to diagnose right now because of “china.” China is planning on opening more than 100 new coal plants by 2030! How is that going to help the environment? That is why I say forget climate change right now, let’s talk about American security.

In America right now (according to The New York Times) there are 12 million undocumented illegal aliens in the country. Now according to some very accurate statistics every illegal aliens lifetime costs rack up to a $69,570 bill, which for every million illegal alien lifetimes that is $69.6 billion gone. We have 12 million illegal aliens in the country now with their annual costs per individual being $880, the United States spends $10.6 billion every year on illegal immigrants. Is it sinking in yet?

Here is a statement from the Center for Immigration Studies,

“The reason illegal immigrants are unambiguously a net fiscal drain is that less-educated people, native-born or immigrant, earn on average modest wages and as a result they tend to make modest tax contributions, while needing significant social services.”

Democrats can continue to use the half of the story that says immigrants make hefty tax donations, but the truth is they withdraw more than they deposit. Don’t get me wrong America has always been a nation of immigrants, but now in present day 2019 there is no point to be taking on such a disadvantage to our economy. I understand that these immigrants are “people” too and I cant help but feel sorry for then, the primary fact is they aren’t helpful in any way to the country. It’s not like they are a bunch of high IQ independents walking over the border. No, their mostly less-educated people who require welfare and that’s no bueno.

In America we define poverty differently than Mexico identifies poverty as. In America the poor still have two TV sets within their home. In Mexico being poor means you might not have shelter, the possibilities of you being malnourished or dehydrated are much higher. That is poverty in Mexico.

So, why is border security so important? If you still don’t understand by now you might have to re-read the article.

Article by : @leftistphobia

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