Millennials, “Why They Are The Way They Are” And How Victimhood Is Their Primary Tactic

When you think of millennials, you think of a clan of young socialist adults who still live in their parents basement. They attend protesting events that claim hate crimes should be the country’s primary priority and they are always the first to say “tax the rich.” So, what is the reason behind the majority of people in this generation of Americans that makes their main concern the feelings of others and themselves? It seems that “feelings” are beginning to be the most important thing in a prosperous country like America, how is that going to help?

The truth of the matter is, it’s not. Feelings are not going to help society, because society was not built on feelings. Slavery was not abolished on feelings, it was abolished on facts. Black people are human beings too and should be treated just as equal as any other race, that’s a fact. When millennials discuss hate crimes as a precedence in America, you can’t help ask “why would someone believe that?” There will always be people that are racist, just as there will always be people who still think the map of the world is incorrect. There will also always be people who think transgenderism is a mental disorder (such as myself), just as their will always be people that think Trump colluded with Russia. So, how did this generation of vulnerable individuals come to be?

Of course with every problem comes a solution and with every question an answer. Now when we talk about millennials and why they are a generation of feelings, we have to look at how a huge majority of them “grew up.” Yeah, childhood is the answer. Yes smart phones and social media effect them greatly too, but the problem started when most of them were children. After all, isn’t childhood a time when we obtain the most knowledge?

If you look at a majority of American history, you will see that every generation leading up to the millennials get’s easier. When I say easier, I mean that every generation after the previous one has less of a struggle surviving in America. In the progressive era people were fighting for child labor laws and children were physically neglected. In the baby boomer era children were fed and taken care of, but seen at the dinner table not heard. In generation X, most children obtained some kind of education and a large majority began to attend colleges in their early adulthood. Can you see what has happened? America has become a very spoiled prosperous country and now it has become so spoiled that most people’s daily drama occurrence is fighting traffic! The main question is, “were millennials not raised with knowledge of the struggles of the generations before them?”

When living in the 21st century, understanding the past is very important. If you don’t understand how difficult it was for the people before you to survive, then how can you be truly grateful for the luxury you have presently? Then there is the mental side of this question. Why can millennials not mentally except “how good they have it?” Actually there is a reason for this. Here is a excerpt from brainjet,

“Need for Drama (NFD) is an actual personality trait being studied by scientists, namely Scott Frankowski and a team of scientists who published their findings in Personality and Individual Differences in 2016. The abstract states, “We developed and tested a novel scale to measure Need for Drama (NFD), a compound maladaptive personality trait in which people impulsively manipulate others from a position of perceived victimhood.”

On top of the idea that most millennials spend way to much of their time on social media, a vast amount of them probably have a “need for drama.”

It’s called victimhood. Victimhood is something most millennials claim they are part of, when realistically they live in a prosperous wealthy society where the chances of dying of an obesity related disorder are higher than suffering from hunger.

Victimhood makes the extremely wealthy seem like “bad people”, when they are sensibly the foundation of our society. Victimhood makes President Trump a racist, when he has never factually stated “I am a racist!” Victimhood can basically be categorized as the victims of alleged “microaggressions.”

A recent poll says that 60% of millennials would support the impeachment of Donald Trump. Most of their beliefs about the president are negative, not because of truth but because of the left. Is it a coincidence the left is trying to brainwash our newest adult generation with socialsim? No I don’t think so.

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