Looks Like Another 5 Year Old Picked This “Truth To Power” Award, What A Doozy!

Just today, the New York Press Club picked their “Truth to Power” award winner. The award honors “an individual whose body of work challenges the power establishment and/or defends journalists,” as The Wrap reported. But what might surprise you the most, is the distinct individual they most worthily presented it to. Not only is this award winning person a far left liberal who’s baby cries have said to been heard from the Himalayas, but Jim Acosta is a poor example of political journalism in the United States.

Yeah, I sort of spilled the beans. Jim Acosta was honorably selected to receive the “Truth to Power” today, and not a lot of people are happy about the Press Club’s decision. Including me.

For those that remember and know Jim Acosta (most likely remember), then you probably are aware of what type of person he is. Other than physically assaulting a White House Intern woman on live TV, he is the mostly known for his tremendous disrespect at governmental press conferences. After getting the mic ripped out of his hands and having the president label him as a “rude terrible person”, the secret service finally took his “hard pass” away. Once this happened every press conference after was reasonably peaceful. But, apparently now he deserves a reward?

“Surprisingly, most of the modern day media trashing is performed because of people like Acosta.”

Yes the world is generally kinder to fools, at least I think we can agree on that. In my opinion, the “Truth to Power” award should be given to someone that still doesn’t throw tantrums when they don’t get their way. It should be given to someone who can respect someone’s physical boundaries, but most of all it should be given to anyone except Jim Acosta! Unfortunately the award is not necessarily for a journalist that explores both sides of politics and is able to voice his opinion on facts, but it is for a loser CNN reporter who obviously has his own “agenda.”

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