WATCH : Vox Producer Carlos Maza Makes YouTube Video Bashing Tucker Carlson As An “Elitist!”

Is Tucker Carlson Secretly An Elitist?

On April 3rd Carlos Maza, a gay Vox producer made an eight and a half minute video about “Why Tucker Carlson pretends to hate elites”, which if you have the time to watch you can. Although I felt after I finished the video that I had wasted a portion of my life, It was still very entertaining for me. But, what really is hilarious is the fact that a majority of his claims are based on audio clips from a talk radio show from over a decade ago. I wasn’t surprised either. This isn’t the first time they have done this. Even though Carlos Maza is a mentally unstable individual, apparently Vox still finds him amusing, but only because he is a leftist with an agenda.

Maza starts the video talking about “what” Carlson “specifically” does with his political life and what his primary beliefs are within politics, after that the video takes a quick turn to the “BUT….” side of things. From what was presented the video was clearly created as another failed attempt to strangle one of the most popular conservative news programs in America, and the sad thing is people buy into these “professional” looking videos. Other than my personal dislike of Vox, you can’t help to wonder why they are making this video in the first place?

This was by far the most “brain-washing” video in the history of brain-washing videos. For some reason when I finished it I had to watch it again to try and compute what the “hell” Maza was trying to portray. In a segment of the video he talks about the (Republican Tax Cuts) 2017, where he firstly says that a majority of those tax cuts went to corporate shareholders and CEO’s. But that is not true because (I received a 50% increase in my tax return in 2019 versus 2018), and I’m considered a normal citizen who makes an average paycheck. Secondly after making an entirely false statement about the tax reform a huge majority of Americans were impacted by, he went on to talk about what Tucker Carlson was talking about on his show the week of the passing of the tax reform.

The week of the Tax Reform Tucker Carlson allegedly spent 16 minutes of air time talking about how people thought this specific forest of trees in California were racist, compared to only 8 minutes of air time spent talking about the tax reform bill. Apparently Maza felt this was dire information to be told to the worldwide Vox viewers, so he made sure to make this interesting segment featuring Tucker as a person who deals with “false consciousness.”

False consciousness is defined as “(especially in Marxist theory) a way of thinking that prevents a person from perceiving the true nature of their social or economic situation.” Maza claims that since Tucker is really a super loaded elitist, that is the primary reason he makes a show that aligns with the political beliefs of conservative average people in modern day America. For struggling with homosexuality, he sure knows how to get into the phycological side of conservative news anchors. He should also try this on other news anchors, such as Brian Stelter over at CNN or Jim Acosta the “truth to power” award winning journalist.Throughout the entire video, Maza shows a series of videos that somehow correlate Tucker as an elitist. He says that “the goal of Tucker’s show isn’t to challenge the elite, but to make you never realize who they are!” This was by far the most entertaining part of this video, I nearly died laughing out of my chair when I heard him note that. When you look at the cover of Tucker’s book “ship of fools”, you will notice that most of the people riding on the cartoon drawn ship on the cover are considered elitists. For instance Hillary Clinton who’s estimated net worth in 2016 is $45 million and Jeff Bezos, who controls half the economy right now with Amazon! The cover of his book simply justifies “who” the elite are, doesn’t it? Aren’t these the top 1%? Who in the world let’s people like Carlos Maza influence a YouTube channel of such a large audience?

For the record Tucker Carlson’s Net Worth is only 16 million. Of that 16 million ten of it is from his book, and the other 6 million is his annual salary as a “Fox News” reporter. The reason why I say “only” is because people like Anderson Cooper at “fake news central” are raking in $110 million annually, but apparently nobody does a phycological analysis on him.

Overall I support Tucker Carlson, and a vast amount of the information he produces is factual. I also agree with a lot of his values, and saying he is a phony is a big accusation for someone who is constantly defending American citizens every day.

Here is the amazing “Carlos Maza” video that took (brain-washing) to the next level! WATCH

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