Trump Has No Ties To Russia During 2016 Election, But Dems Won’t Confirm It As “True”

One hysterical Russia Collusion hunting leftist mob, and $34 million tax dollars wasted, the Russia probe has been one wacky ride! 

The entire concept of president Trump colluding with Russia during the 2016 election started when modern day democrats recognized early in our previous past election that he was a major threat to their non-understandable plans for our country. 

For us normal people the word “probe” is an investigation into a crime or other matter, but for the elderly people in our democratic legislative branch it means : “we can’t stand to have a president that isn’t our marionette, so we will conduct one of the most pathetic governmental investigations on election collusion in the history of America!”

Thankfully the wait is over. Just today, Attorney General William Barr announced at a press conference that “Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation did not find that members of the Trump campaign conspired, coordinated, or colluded with Russians during the election.”

You would think all Americans could take a moment to release a sigh of relief, that their current president had no “affiliation” with Russia at all during the 2016 election. But, in America, where more than half the country is influenced by a bias media and leftist institutions, not everyone is satisfied. Since the beginning the outraged have been pushing the idea that president Trump somehow colluded with personnel in Russia during the 2016. Since the very start, the vast majority of media outlets have taken the stance that “somehow” Trump  colluded with Russia. The question is, “can the truth be any more clear?”

Continuing, just Thursday House Judiciary Chairman Jerrold Nadler decided that what A.G. Barr said at the press conference earlier that morning was “misrepresented.” Apparently now Nadler feels that he needs Special Counsel Muller to testify before the Judiciary Committee, just to make full assurance that the 400 page CD-ROM report doesn’t include anything to do with Trump having colluded with Russia. 

And A.G Barr’s wife’s house maid’s great grandmother’s second cousin three times removed likes the Russian folk dance. Coincidence? I don’t know let’s conduct conduct a probe! 

Let’s hope all this nonsense ends soon.

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