Two Years And $35 Million Later, “Nothing Has Changed!” Is The Media Almost Completely Bias?

From the leftist point of view, Donald Trump was never supposed to be president. Hillary Clinton was predicted to 100% win the vote to presidency in the 2016 election, but that didn’t happen. Hundreds of famous intelligent individuals claimed superiorly that there was “no possible way” Donald Trump could win the election, and after election night when rational understanding failed them they turned to corruption. The corruption being one of the oldest things to accuse anyone of, “cheating!”

From the moment Hillary and her team were hacked, one of the most ridiculous ridiculous conspiracy theories was born into existence. Russian, Collusion. Since then it’s been a long two years, and still virtually nothing has changed. Although the Mueller Report clearly lines out the lack of sufficient evidence of the possibility of Trump colluding with Russia during the 2016 election, not everybody is still fully convinced. The hopeful goal of the Mueller Report for us conservatives, was to possibly expose the corruption of the unhappy. Realistically the only reason the entire investigation was conducted in the first place, was due to the fact that a large group of leftist Democrats were unhappy with outcome of the election, and not to mention half of the American population because of the media’s bias narrative.

The simple truth is, there was “NO RUSSIAN COLLUSION!” It never happened and the interesting fact is nearly $35 million later and even more exposed corruption, the left won’t give up. People are still claiming “obstruction of justice”, and people are still complaining about the outcome of the 2016 election. We are so extremely spoiled in America that for some reason a majority of the population now live their lives basing every situation on their feelings, leaving the facts behind. The thing is I always held the opinion that there were two ways the Mueller Report would end, even though my gut told me the president was innocent.

One, I assumed the left had created an ominous conspiracy theory to rid the president of his popularity, and the second possibility was that the Mueller Report could have actually included something that could have gotten the president impeached. Other than personally supporting most of the presidents policy ideas, I felt that the way he handled this conspiracy was pretty immature. Other than openly declaring his innocence many times and not showing any fear towards what the Mueller Report had to give, he has an extreme tendency to react to the instigating behavior the left produces.

For the last two days I have been skimping through different news sites and programs, from the bias media channels like CNN, to the lone rangers like Fox News. Except I have noticed something pretty bizarre, the left and the right are claiming complete opposites. CNN claims that the Mueller Report was unable to conclude that president Trump colluded with Russia during the 2016 election, but for some reason the right claims the complete opposite.

Through out this whole waste of time and money I have realized one thing about the leftist media, and that is they have not once ever tried to debate the question that maybe Russian Collusion never existed in the “first place!” NBC, CNN, VOX, have all treated the Mueller Report and Russian Collusion in one way, “not challenging the whole story.” The leftist media has not stopped to ask the other side of the story. The reason behind this, is that they truthfully have an agenda based narrative. This agenda based narrative tells them to not question anything that seems morally rational, basically copy the monologues and stories of the next leftist media channel.

Inevitably our media needs to change. Our media is in drastic need for reconstruction, and the disappointing thing is they don’t feel the need to. After two years of false assumptions, and made up bullsh*t not one leftist media organization feels the need to bring up the fact that they were wrong all along. Instead they have chosen not to admit to their personal failures and continue moving on in their corrupt journalistic ways. This is madness, and it needs to stop.

2 thoughts on “Two Years And $35 Million Later, “Nothing Has Changed!” Is The Media Almost Completely Bias?

  1. Sorry, because I read some of the more carefully researched articles I have a few problems with the following. What most voters did not appear to know before the last Presidential election were the following. If I have my facts wrong please let me know.
    1. Prior to the election Mr Trump had been involved in some unfortunate property deals.
    These included some bankruptcies, being sued for employing and not paying illegal labour, being bailed out by mysterious overseas sources including a major German bank, Saudi support etc Since Russia happened to be another group with Trump contact that was known to interfere with other nations’elections it seemed to me that to not investigate such detail would mean the US intelligence agencies would have been failing in their duty to protect the Nation.
    2. Mr Trump had some awkward contacts with the Mafia including using some key Mafia lawyers. So true-or false – Why did Australian law officials insist that Mr Trump not be allowed to set up a Sydney casino citing his mafia contacts and suspect property deals. Again I would have thought that investigating such influences is a matter of national security. That Mr Trump was continuing to show an interest in building a Tower in Moscow must have appeared well worth an investigation since it was unclear that this alone gave the Russians an in to the Presidential campaign.
    3. Mr Trump had had his lawyer threaten his own colleges from publishing his grades eg Wharton. If Mr Trump turned out to be dishonest with the electorate, I would have thought that there would be a case for checking whether or not his claims about his background were true. (That his doctor later admitted that he had signed a bogus report on Mr Trump’s behalf suggested that Mr Trump was trying to mislead his electorate.)
    4. Numerous women had made complaints about his behaviour. One I just happen to know described some inappropriate behaviour, which to my untutored ear sounded very likely to cause problems down the track. Since some of these charges were coming from women with Russian connections, again it seems sensible to me to have them checked out.
    5. A Russian agent appears to have arranged a gift of money to the NRA which appears to have been passed on to Mr Trump’s campaign. Since she has been arrested and charged with this crime and since the NRA gift is very public knowledge this looks very much like a State organized bribe…again worth a second look.
    While it is true that Mr Trump appears unaware of the significance of most of the above and therefore is not technically responsible for collusion per se it surely means that the other main charge of obstruction of justice (ie stopping the FBI etc from digging too deeply) actually matters. Even Mr Barr admits the obstruction of Justice has not been resolved even if Mr Trump claims it is.
    …now your turn. What have I got wrong???

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    1. Before I attempt to counter point your comment, I would like to say “I do not support a majority of policies president Trump proposes. This being said, I will now answer your question.
      You asked me “what have I got wrong”, which insinuates that you feel the information you stated is true. Now, I don’t exactly know where you obtained your information, but I do understand we live in a country where justice prevails. So, If one day we do obtain rational evidence that Donald Trump colluded with Russian forces to somehow spin the 2016 election in his favor, then I will change my point of view. As for the present, I read the Mueller Report and found no current evidence that president Trump colluded with Russia during the 2016 election. Yet the fact is, they have not established whether he colluded or not. Here is that excerpt from the Mueller Report – “the investigation did not establish that members of the Trump Campaign conspired or coordinated with the Russian government in its election interference activities.”
      Do you understand what this means? Currently nobody can factually claim that president Trump is guilty. But on the other side of the coin, no one can claim he is innocent either. This means until clear evidence of collusion is found, we can’t have our entire media revolving around one side of the story. I honestly could spend all day reading stories about what “could be the truth” about the outcome of the 2016 election, but in the end (if the narrative ever ends) would I feel the time I spent reading tons of theories was used well? The so-called facts you presented are all unproven theories which could be true or false. I congratulate you for reading so many detailed articles about Russian collusion and bizarre relationships the president had with foreign people, but you don’t seem to be very concerned about the possible innocence of the president.
      Again, if you feel all of the things you presented were facts, that is your opinion. Remember, everybody has a sin nature because of Adam. This said, “who says the people that investigated (and are investigating) president Trump are honest? Let me know when you find out.


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