“Should Criminals Vote From Prison?” Apparently The Left Thinks So

On Wednesday, Democratic Socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s chief-of-staff Saikat Chakrabarti claims that prisoners should be able to participate in elections. He uses the excuse that the reasoning behind this idea, is that prisoners are “the people most affected by unjust laws.”

Saikat reasonably believes that United States law is “unjust.”

Is there no coherent reasoning within the minds of these so-called “people of power?” Obviously Saikat doesn’t understand the judicial system within the United States, or possibly he does and just feels it’s “unjust.”

Criminals are contained in prison because they have at one point or another broken U.S laws. Something is terribly off when people even question the subject of criminals not being able to take part in elections. My question is, why is this even being debated? Moral Values say that killing someone is wrong, and in the United States you go to jail if you murder anyone. But, should that killer then be permitted to vote after taking someone’s life.

Taking the moral aspect of the equation away, we are left with a moron claiming that a large majority of prisoners were wrongly convicted by “unjust laws.” Speaking from personal opinion, In New York the average murder sentence is (20-25) years. But in most other states it’s mostly life, so can’t I sensibly say that New York’s murder sentence is unjust? After all murder sentences should always be life, if you are talking about moral ethnicity.

The bottom line is criminals are convicted and sentenced by pretty just laws, and giving them access to voting in elections is absolutely riotous. We are already seeing un-convicted criminals participating in election within the borders of sanctuary cities, but now the left has gone so far to say criminals serving time in prisons should able to vote.

Since the United States houses about 22% of the world’s prisoners, would letting them vote majorly affect elections? Although the possibility of a criminal voting act being passed is quite rare in America’s political stance right now, this could possibly be something that our grandchildren may experience.

Although “crazy Bernie” started this ludicrous idea, almost the whole left seems to be picking up on this morally wrong proposal.

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