How “Mental Illness” Is Working It’s Way Into Our Homes

If you don’t like your body, that’s your problem. But, obtaining gender dysphoria and then claiming everyone should be satisfied with your new sex choice is not debatable. Obviously most people in America reject the LGBTQ, because of the fact that it doesn’t line up with their religious view points. CNN will say that most Americans support gay marriage and transgender people serving in the military, but lets find out why that is.

If you haven’t noticed civil rights movements have become less focused on the rights of the vast population, but on the trifle part of the society that claims they are being oppressed. Truthfully Americans aren’t concerned with the LGBTQ. Instead they are concerned about the economy and jobs, as well as the welfare and health of their families. So, lets assume why the media makes such a large ordeal about the so-called “oppressed people.”

Most Americans everyday continuously watch the news in order to become aware citizens. They think the media is there to inform them with factual information that is beneficial to them individually. The media is most deceiving to young people, who are already getting poorly educated by our governments education system. But, the most important factor to take into consideration when understanding what the media is actually “trying to do”, is wether the people choosing what gets promoted via the media are not bias towards their personal ideologies.

Changing from bias media to moral values, we can look at the “Equality Act.” Other than being liberally promoted, the LGBTQ wants it desperately passed because it would allow them to do a number of things that aren’t currently permitted. For instance it would in the words of Kristen Waggoner, “It would undermine women’s equality and force women and girls to share private, intimate spaces with men who identify as female, in addition to denying women fair competition in sports. Like similar state and local laws, it would force Americans to participate in events and speak messages that violate their core beliefs.”

For the Christian (me) this is a violation of my religious beliefs, and for the person who believes in moral values it is ludicrous. But, for the left this is only the beginning.

Can you imagine having to share a changing room in high school with a man who claims he’s a woman, especially if your a woman? It’s a sickening idea, but when only 0.6% of the population claims to be LGBTQ it’s hard to understand why it seems to be such an important concern. So, are you concerned? Out of that 0.6% of the population that are LGBT, a brain racking 40 percent have attempted to commit suicide. What does it take to make more people realize it is clearly a mental instability?

The fact is not everyone is going to be happy when and if this ever ends, wether it’s the straight people or not.

3 thoughts on “How “Mental Illness” Is Working It’s Way Into Our Homes

  1. well your off by a factor of ten to twenty on the portion of the population which is sexually deviant and homosexuality is not considered a mental illness by the relevant scientists and doctors so I think your headline is misleading; personally I am not a fan of the ‘pride’ stuff despite being homosexual myself and I understand the ‘LGBT’ skepticism, however, anti-LGBT propaganda is more often than not reactionary bullshit


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