The Battle Of Science Vs. Fallacy, “Why Should We Believe The Promoters Of Climate Change?”

Fill a glass with ice & water, mark the level of the water on the glass. Allow the ice to melt. Please observe that the level of the water DOES NOT change. This is because ice displaces the same amount of water when floating in water as it does in a liquid form. 
So, as much as I hate to say it, LA, SF, NY are in no dangerof going under water if the polar caps melt. Sorry.

Currently, the climate change debate seems to be a typical place to clearly visualize the present major differences in rational politics between the left and right. Although some may say otherwise, the left seems to be leaning towards drastic changes within our planets environment, while the vast majority on the right only seem to be addressing how “wrong” the left is for promoting ideas of that sort. The only problem is, the masses have been thoroughly convinced “climate change is real” by the left, and not many people are saying much about it.

The media organization “Vox” (who is despise with a passion), recently made a slideshow demonstrating how America’s climate would look in 2050. It shows how a neighborhood in California could by 2050 be experiencing Idaho’s winter from 2019? A little confusing eh? Well, I wouldn’t believe it. After all, didn’t Vox also recently back the Green New Deal that stipulates if not passed the world would end in 10 years?

A presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke, recently made the claim that his climate change plan would dramatically help the continent in preventing doomsday in 2050. As you can see this is in no shape or form comparable to Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’s claim, which endorses the fact that the planet would end in exactly twelve years. It is very clear that no one yet has factually established a true understanding of the dangers of not controlling climate change.

Obviously if climate change was as risky as the left claims it is, wouldn’t we have a little more convincing evidence by now? For being so heavily endorsed as a “national problem”, where is the significant proof? Every scientific study published seems to have a completely different evaluated prediction than the last one. The truth is, I don’t believe climate change exists. They have been saying “within the next ten years we’ll all be dead” since the 1970’s! What makes it different this time?

Propaganda has been part of politics for centuries, it is purely designed to manipulate the un-informed within society. I know climate change activists that have been limited to one call per/day by NASA, because they have become so radically convinced that everything the government and NASA says about our planet is factually true.

It’s high time the public starts to realize that America is no longer “for the people and by the people”, but is now a country slowly being manipulated into believing propaganda and hoaxes. Gone are the days when your word meant gold to everyone, but welcome to the days where one must strive to find the truth amidst liars of all kinds.

In conclusion, will climate change be debated during the 2020 election? The possibility of this happening is likely, but wether something will come of it is unknown. It truthfully is “up to you”, to make the decision of wether or not you choose to put your faith in something most people lack understanding in intellectually. Just remember, if the promoters of this probable hoax wanted you to recognize what was truly happening, they would have informed you long ago.

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