Rep. Omar Continues To Argue The Case “Against America”, Why Is This Being Tolerated?

Lately a majority of people in American politics have retreated to using something your mother told you was called “name calling.” Name calling in modern day American politics happens when one side of the political spectrum frankly gets annoyed at the other side for saying something possibly nonsensical, and what that annoyance produces is incorrectly used labels like, well, “white supremacy!”

White supremacy, for some reason, is being defined horribly incorrect by the left. Instead of it being defined by the left as a personal “belief”, it is being consistently asserted that white supremacy can just be you saying white people on average are particularly smarter intellectually than black people. Even though they have conducted a study into higher IQ levels between races, and the study’s results frankly assert the fact that white people on average are indeed smarter than black people. Obviously none of this data determines your beliefs about races, but the left for some reason defines anybody that even “says” this information a racist.

Recently Representative Ilhan Omar gave a speech at a black lives matter rally, in her speech she said : “This is not going to be the country of the xenophobics. This is not going to be the country of white people. This is not going to be the country of the few. This is going to be the country of the many.” Now, Omar is an American citizen, and I think it is great we have racial diversity within our bicameral government, but statements like this spook me. Our country is made up of literally 76% white people, and we have a representative that believes America should not be a country of “white people?”

I will make the clear point, that it is one thing for a protester that opposes my view points to call me a white supremacist, but it’s another thing when your own government is in the “name calling” business. Since when does immaturity have such a profound stance in American government?

Ilhan Omar is unfortunately digging herself into a big hole. I don’t understand the reasoning behind her profound immaturity within her public speaking and social media posts. Not much of what she has been “so called” accomplishing lately is realistically related to her primary job, which is being a Minnesota representative. So, what is going on here? Why is a Muslim woman Representative from Minnesota speaking at a black lives matter rally saying “America isn’t going to be a country of white people?” Isn’t that a racist statement in itself?

Earlier this year two woman by the names of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Ilhan Omar were elected to the House of Representatives by their home states of New York and Minnesota. Not only since then has the media overly endorsed these two woman, but for some reason they have both become center attractions for the far left.

Another amazing video explaining exactly why Rep. Ilhan Omar should have never been elected to the United States House of Representatives.

Now, Obviously the crisis in Venezuela didn’t occur because of the U.S. not enacting enough legislation in favor of helping the country, but because of socialist infiltration within their borders that has lead them to destruction. My question is, “is anyone concerned with something like this?” Forget wether attorney general Barr is in favor of Trump continuing his presidency or not, this is about a Muslim woman in congress who is playing puppet for the left and could probably care less about America.

Folks it’s getting a little confusing out there, so make sure your informed with the questions the left doesn’t want you to ask.

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