House Democrats Can’t Afford To Loose Any “Damning” Information On Their Opponents

Nadler Calls For “Full Un-Redacted Mueller Report” From AG Barr

“Deal with it”, you ever heard that one before? It’s a statement that can make one rage with embarrassment for being uncontrollably whiny. It’s a statement that can make a grown man suddenly become concerned about the manner in which he complains. 

Unfortunately the left and a majority of political figures within our governmental system still haven’t mentally established the fact that “Donald Trump” won the 2016 election. 

A couple days ago we watched Attorney General Bill Barr get hounded by a handful of Democratic senators including Mazie Hirono, and Corey Booker. Yet nothing sane was accomplished, except Lindsey Graham playing defense for the Attorney General. Personally, Barr was treated like crap. It was absolutely disgusting to watch the left tear into him and make him look like a complete liar, when all was doing was his job. 

After all was said and done, Mazie Hirono told Barr he should resign promptly. Although Hirono’s speech towards Barr obviously was pre-written and she was clearly reading it during the hearing, but not many are currently acknowledging her stupidity as a senator. Nonsensical behavior like this should not be tolerated, especially from someone of her stature. Let’s get real people, this is absurd.

This entire narrative that the “attorney general” is close with Trump is simply just another hoax in the making to take out republicans in general. It’s questionably comparable to the Kavanaugh hearings, where house democrats fried the portrayal of an innocent man just to attempt to stop the confirmation of a conservative constitutionalist justice. A similarly comparable situation is happening now with Bill Barr. He is not siding with anybody particularly, but that is not tolerated by the left, you can’t just be a referee, you must be on their side always. 

Recently House Judiciary Chairman Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) said he would provide Bill Barr one final extension to turn in the full un-redacted Mueller Report on May 6th by 9 A.M. 

“The Committee is prepared to make every realistic effort to reach an accommodation with the Department. But if the Department persists in its baseless refusal to comply with the validly issued subpoena, the Committee will move to contempt proceedings and seek further legal recourse,” Nadler commented.

Although the Dems are only looking for more slander they can use against Republicans primarily, they are hoping to find some goodies in the un-redacted mueller report that they can use to continue their pointless irrational investigation into non-criminal activities committed by the Trump Campaign.

Let me know if your recycling the Mueller Report yet into universal toilet paper rolls. It’s nice to remember how corrupt your government is every-time you’ve gotta go.

A personal reply to Kamala from “yours truly!”

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