The Democratic Party, “Isn’t Really By The People, Or For The People” Any longer (Expository)

Logic says, “a country is only so big.” While Democrats say, “equality for everyone.” If we say equality for everyone we are standing in the house built on the sand. It will wash away, and we will be left with a major falling out. The Democrats continue to push the idea that “open borders” would benefit the country, but the American people show strong resentment towards this irrational idea.

A recent accurate poll shows that 80 percent of Americans think we “should have secure borders.” This clarifies the equality question. Not many Americans think that outsiders lack equality within the planet. Which means not many Americans are concerned that immigrants are in desperate need of shelter and refuge.

When we look at current America, immigrants are increasingly making their way in larger amounts into America. Which means, that everyday our population size is increasing silently as mass migrations of various races continue to pour in. The important thing to note when recognizing what the left is doing to our country’s security is the important factor that they “don’t have a debate!” The Democrats have no rational facts or evidence of any kind that illegal immigration and immigrants are beneficial to American society, so frankly they shouldn’t have any say into what comes of our southern border specifically.

The conservative facts on immigration are simple.

  • Most immigrants are un-educated.
  • Most immigrants are illiterate to the English language.
  • Most immigrants pay taxes, but still drain more from the national budget than they invest in the country by using entitlement programs and welfare.
  • Most immigrants are willing to complete work for cheaper prices than natives which is a contributing problem to our economy.

If someone tells you mass migration and illegal immigration are benefits to America, they are completely and stupidly incompetent to common sense. I am absolutely perturbed that there are still people within our borders today that believe that mass illegal immigration is an example of a prosperous society, because I am here to tell you it’s not. It’s not about the persons skin color, and it’s not about where they are from, but it’s about the effect it is having on our country.

In conclusion when we are placing 300 million people at risk for the sake of illiterate, uneducated, low skilled immigrants, what does that say about the party that endorses the idea? Therefore the debate is not a debate concerning equality and personal feelings, but what is morally and protectively right for the citizens of America. So if we cut illegal immigration, we can use the 11 billion that illegal immigration normally costs us annually to build a secure southern border that will continue to protect Americans from the dangers of illegal immigration.

Lets not over complicate it people.

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