You Don’t Really Need A Brain To Be A Scientist For “The Left!” Facts Are Not Useful Anymore, But Consensus Is

Oh no it’s Occasional Cortex , and she’s making headlines again. Aside from her extreme popularity among socialists, Democratic Representative Alexandria Ocasio Cortez is always trying to convince Americans that climate change is happening and that mass destruction will reign if action is not taken immediately. The only complication you may find when reviewing the Ocasio-Cortez claims, is that she is by no means a scientist. Unless you consider her placing second in her high schools “science fair” over a decade ago “scientific intellectualness”, watch out.

In 1998, a prominent chemist and some of his colleagues set out to prove the “warmers” wrong. That prominent chemist was Arthur Robinson, and he and his colleagues developed the “Global Warming Petition Project.” This petition gathered roughly 31,000 signatures from people “trained in science.” After all was said and done, the petitions purpose was fulfilled. Understandingly the petition was created to prove not that global warming and climate change were a hoax, but to show that there was no consensus. Meaning that the recent poll by the Academies of Science from nearly 80 countries is unrealistic. In the Academies of Science study, they claim 97% of scientist believe “climate change/global warming” is due to human intervention.

Obviously Arthur Robinson was discarded later by many pro-climate activists as a ridiculous Pinocchio who just mailed a bunch of petitions to people like Ginger Spice and Michael Jackson to sign who clearly didn’t possess scientific backgrounds.

The point Art Robinson was trying to make by creating this petition in the first place, was again to show that scientific fact can’t be decided based on a consensus, it must be proven with evidence. So, what we are seeing is a drastic move from basing scientific facts on evidence to now what the left calls “scientific consensus!”

This past Sunday Alexandria Ocasio Cortez decided that her crazy prediction about the world’s doomsday was a little over the top, so she tweeted “Like the “world ending in 12 years thing”, you’d have to have the social intelligence of a sea sponge to think it’s literal.

This of course was tweeted in response to social feedback from a video taped over a year ago when she attended MLKNow and stated that the world would indeed end in 12 years, but what confused most conservatives and independent thinkers was how she said it with a straight face.

George Clooney recently partnered with Jimmy Kimmel Live to make a short video segment bashing those who don’t believe in climate change and vaccination benefits as “dumb f**king idiots.”

In conclusion legitimate questions are not tolerated by the left. If you are confused about the lack of evidence climate change has, then you’re and idiot. If you are questioning that autism may be caused by vaccines, then you’re an idiot. But most importantly, if your a Christian that believes that the world is only 6,000 years old and dinosaurs were around when people were, you’re an idiot.

Now, have I convinced you yet that scientific evidence is no longer needed to make a fact. It’s not about facts anymore, it’s about consensus and agreement. If enough rich celebrities get together and bash the “so called” idiots that question what the left wants you to accept as fact they can win the debate.

The important thing to remember when listening to leftist narrative, is to constantly question anything they say before you accept it as truth. Don’t forget, they don’t want you to.

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