The Real Unmolested “Roe V Wade” Story, And How The Practice Of Feminism Has Become More Extremist Because Of It

You may have heard about the recent bill signed by Alabama Governor Kay Ivey, which presently and henceforth will ban all abortions within the state unless of course the pregnancy puts either of it’s participants in a life threatening situation. The bill passed Alabama’s state senate yesterday May 14th, and then was signed into action earlier today. Although “pro-life” activists have been longing for this day since the landmark Supreme Court case Roe V Wade occurred, the highly culturally aggravated “pro-choice” men and women aren’t so pleased. For those unaware of what Roe V Wade is, I will explain thoroughly and simplistically.

When discussing Roe V Wade, Norma McCorvey was a 21 year old junkie who obtained pregnancy in 1969 for the third time. After becoming aware of her then pregnancy she applied for an abortion in Texas under the case that she had been raped, which was quickly denied once she could not provide an authentic police report stating such. Then out of the blue came a female lawyer named Linda Coffee, a lawyer who at that time was desperate to find a good reason to legalize abortions. Well McCorvey became that sole reason, and she was entered into the case anonymously as Jane Roe.

After Sarah Weddington, (another female lawyer) argued the case before the Supreme Court in 1973 which resulted in a 7-2 decision, and hence abortions were legalized. Later in 2005, McCorvey noted in an interview that indeed after visiting numerous abortion clinics she found the unnecessary procedure to be “wrong.”

Today “Pro-Choice” activists claim that their argument for abortions is sustainable because of the fact that allowing the law to determine what a woman should do with her body is robbing the woman of her constitutional rights. Meanwhile, the “Pro-Choice” activists on the other hand claim that abortions are an unnecessary evil that have killed over 60 million unborn children since 1973. They claim that in rape related abortion cases that, “the child should not have to suffer the death penalty for it’s guilty fathers poor decision.

When assessing both sides of the argument you will find that the “Pro-Choice” argument only supports the mother and her feelings about her pregnancy, rather than the unborn child’s possible life.

Overall I am extremely grateful for what the state senate of Alabama has done for pro-life activists like myself, and many other people that support the many possible lives that are being brutally terminated every 97 seconds by planned-parenthood.

If you are interested in learning more about the fight against abortions, I would advise you to visit Lila Roses’ where the fights against this unnecessary evil continues.

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