The Abortion Debate “Escalates To A New High!” Matt Walsh Receives Numerous Violent Threats

If you’re a “pro-choicer” and you recently read my last article on Roe V Wade, I applaud you with appreciation. Because you took time from your possibly highly busy day and used it to better educate yourself on the history of the abortion debate within the United States. Except today in America, the abortion debate just left debate form and has decided to escalate to full on war.

I can’t tell you how much time I spent this morning reading so many fragile snowflake millennial blogs loaded with hatred towards the new Alabama abortion law using terms like “my choice my uterus”, “stay out of my belly”, and “if you’re against abortions don’t have one!” Stupidity comes in many different forms as you can see, but today it’s hitting home for me and many others. Especially though for a talented journalist and podcast host at the Daily Wire, Matt Walsh.

For those that personally know or watch Matt, you know his stance on abortions. He is not for them at all, under any circumstances, or at any time. Just as I am not for them either, except today you will get a true look at what some of these “pro-choicers” have in common. Anger, hatred, and pure evil. (Take a look left.)

Of course, the first amendment protects all speech besides “dangerous”, but unfortunately we still have uncensored not so “rational” people that would rather just say asinine things then actually endeavor to debate anyone, most of those people being leftists. Aside from where these unhinged individuals stand politically, what is most frightening is on top of “pro-choicers” not having legitimate information on why abortions should be completely legalized, they have resorted to using death and rape threats. Unimaginable!

Comparing these threats to the ones Representative Ilhan Omar received about a month ago, we can see no valid comparison. In Omar’s circumstance, she made anti-Semitic and anti-American comments about 9/11 and Jewish people. That same day she claimed she was receiving death threats, the media jumped into “full on panic mode!” CNN, NBC, and MSNBC all let out their remorseful cries for the threatened Muslim representative who’s life was in grave danger. Not a soul bothered to explain to her that labeling 9/11 as “some people did something” might just get the family members of those 3,000 people that died during America’s largest terrorist attack a little heated.

Matt claims, “My reason, as I’ve extensively outlined, is that unborn people are people. All people, in my view, have inherent human rights.”

He also hopes intensely that the media will at least recognize what these sick people have said, and that they will express the same concern for his wife and children as they did Ilhan Omar.

In conclusion Matt notes, “A few of these people made the mistake of wishing or threatening harm to my family while using their real names and photographs. They may have just caused life-altering problems for themselves. Since I chose to publish their names and messages, it will now live forever in the annals of the internet and any future or current employer who googles Taylor Nowicki (the guy who threatened to rape my five-year-old daughter) or Jeff Fahey (the guy who wished rape on every female member of my family) will see what kind of sick and disturbed people they are.

Overall, any morally good person would agree that what was said about Matt and his family was wrong, wether you are pro-life or pro-choice. This debate has just escalated to a new high.

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