If You Think About It, “Abortion Isn’t Really A Woman’s Right”, At All

You’ve heard the stories of immigrants crossing the Atlantic from Europe throughout the late 19th and early 20th century’s. As there ships drew near to the east coast of America, a familiar sight was always seen, a sight most of them would never forget. That sight was the Statue of Liberty. Of course you would have to be “alive” in order to see the statue, because if you were dead what eyes would you have to view it with? This analogy is one that defines the importance of having “life” before “liberty”

As I’ve said before, the “pro-choice” belief doesn’t have a moral debate backing their ideology. For some specific reason, they tend to retreat from debating, to instead claim that their individual civil rights in America are being put at risk. When you look at the Declaration of Independence, you’ll find the word’s “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” Obviously our founding fathers were Geniuses. Because, if indeed you read the sentence left to right, you will find the word “life” to be first.

“Life”, is simply what always comes first. When a school shooting happens, what is the main priority of law enforcement officers? It’s to take down the shooter, henceforth to save “lives!” Everyday in America when we wake up, most of us expect to be alive. You don’t necessarily expect to be dead right? So, presently in our country being able to “live” is pretty common, but then there is liberty.

On top of being able to “live”, our country has spent the last two centuries establishing liberty throughout every state. Black’s at one point weren’t considered “human”, instead they were conceptualized as just people that were “less valuable” than any other race under Eugenics. After slavery was abolished and blacks were declared “free” under United States law, came the prominent women of America. During the progressive era women gained much, including the “right to vote”, and improvement of “pay equality” between both genders. In the mid 20th century, the 1965 civil rights act was passed. This prohibited discrimination on black voters. As you can see, we have majorly progressed in “civil liberties and rights.”

Last but not least we find the “pursuit of happiness”, which let’s be honest is dead last. During the Holocaust, I’m definitely sure the last thing Jewish people were in search of was “happiness.” Meaning that “life and liberty” were prioritized as first, and anything else was just a figment of hope.

Taking all of this previously stated knowledge into consideration, we can assess the current problem that is presently here in America. That problem is being specifically exposed with this latest Alabama abortion bill and many other laws that are being passed restricting abortions, or in some cases completely banning them. The point here, is you have 24 year old women, who are not married, and have never had children saying the slogan “my body my rights.” This of course is true when it comes to someone raping or assaulting you personally, but here’s why it doesn’t apply to abortions.

Earlier I stated “life before liberty”, this means when fertilization of a woman’s egg happens, that egg becomes a life. Liberty rights were by no means created to cause harm or death, but to promote life. So, when discussing “life”, it is superior to liberty. Meaning that wether you think life starts at fertilization or not, that egg is still considered a “possible life!”

In conclusion, liberty is something people obtain after they establish they are “alive.” Overall, abortions take the “lives” of possible lives. #itsnotachoice #itsalife

Copyright 2019 @onlookerspub

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