“The Silent Culture War” Happening Between Conservatives, And The Totalitarian Left: What Happens If We Lose?

Currently there is a culture war happening. Wether you notice it or not, there is. To some people it’s not as noticeable, but to others is quite obvious. For those brainwashed by the “leftist ideas”, you might assume that society is changing for the better. That doing away with old laws and values would be the most ideal thing for such a diverse country. But in reality, these laws and values that seem old and outmoded were the foundations that America was built on. Well, enough for my inspiring introduction. Lets get down to business.

When we look at today’s present culture war most will identify the participants as conservatives and leftists. Aside from the contenders titles, let’s understand their ideals specifically.

Leftism, has actually been getting infiltrated into American society since the 1950’s. During the 1950’s, quite interesting things happened in a place called the Soviet Union. A group of very evil people were creating something that is currently attacking our society today, it’s called a “communist conspiracy” theory. No, it’s not like the gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, this is authentic.

This “communist conspiracy”, was actually designed to cause culture wars within prosperous countries. The people who took part in creating this theory knew that, and look what we are dealing with today. Obviously America knew about this infiltration of leftist ideals, so congressional committees in the U.S carried out intensive investigations into the matter. After doing their research, our government reached the conclusion that the Soviet Union was undoubtedly the center of a global conspiracy theory. This theory was none other than a compilation of Socialist, Communist, Marxist Ideals that they were aware could easily disrupt a country. Before I go any further, let’s understand why this culture war we are fighting today couldn’t have been stopped.

The first amendment guarantees “freedom of speech and religion”, which gives anyone the right to say anything they want, providing it isn’t dangerous to others. So, trying to stop a conspiracy theory is pretty close to impossible. What we are seeing today, is that same communist conspiracy theory taking its aim, especially at things that have held us together for over the last two centuries, preferably the American family. Although the “family” has been a well sought target of leftist revolutionaries for well over 160 years, today we are actually starting to see it’s destruction.

When looking at these leftist ideals, we have to thoroughly understand what exactly was infiltrated and how it is playing out today. For instance the extreme normalization of specific things, such as divorce, abortions, and sexual perversion. 100 years ago, divorce was considered a major plight, and if you were religious, a sin. There also was one point in American history, when abortions were only obtained before fetal movement (or quickening), and in certain states they were restricted or completely banned.

Going back to the “communist conspiracy” theory, lets list it’s objectives. (1) Man can earn his/hers preservation through political activism and revolution. (2) Thus, this creates peace by joining all countries into one (internationalism). (3) Which is destructive to the sole ownership of the means of production (socialism). (4) This then frees women from motherhood (feminism). (5) And in return, brings global wealth and prosperity through universal teamwork and joyfulness.

As you can probably see, everything listed previously is opposite to everything America was built upon. As an American, I do not feel the need to take part in extreme political activism to gain salvation. I believe in salvation through Jesus Christ. I also know, that socialism has a 0% success rate in literally any country it enters. On top of that, abortions are destroying unborn children that according to the left, “don’t have a right to life.”

We have seen this infiltration take it’s toll in many country’s, including Cuba, Venezuela, and France. Unfortunately, this conspiracy has become more now than just an evil idea, it has ruined perfectly functioning countries and made them into total war zones in a matter of decades. The interesting question we must ask ourselves now is, “could we actually lose moral values and capitalism all together?” Absolutely.

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“The Onlookers Publication is one of few conservative news sites on the internet. Our goal is to preserve American traditional values as long as possible, and to provide Americans with the ammunition needed to win the fight for freedom.”

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