“A Super Inconvenient Truth!” How The Left Is Using Americans As Puppets, And Shaping Their Political Beliefs Based On Our Changing Society

Well it’s obvious, even CNN will inform you. Human I.Q scores are dropping, and they have been for decades. Intellectual Intelligence for some time has been melting into a little pile of mush right before our eyes. Stupidity for some, is unfortunately now an inevitable contractable disease. Don’t forget, the rich and power-hungry at the top are presently aware of this major misbalance in idiocy too.

You can now be labeled a racist for supporting strong national security. You can also be called sexist (if you are a man) for saying that abortion is not a woman’s right. Lastly, if you think there are only two genders, you’re undoubtedly a transphobic lunatic who should be fired from your job immediately and left without a pension. Totally understandable right? Wrong!

The undeniable evidence, is that there once was a day when “simply news” was reported, and opinion was left for the audience to contract. Of course then, stupidity was not near as rampant as it is now, because then people had the opportunity to produce within themselves “free thought.” Those free thoughts fortunately, was what helped them develop specific opinions about topics the reporters on TV didn’t dare speak about. Nowadays, that has considerably changed. Free thought is no longer available as much to those that watch preferably “left” news organizations, such as MSNBC and CNN. Presently instead of giving the viewing audience a chance to develop a stable opinion on a subject, the news organizations and media produce a narrow path to salvation. That path being whatever they desire it to be.

Honestly people, how long do you assume it took the affluent people in society to realize how politically influential the television could be? Trust me, not long. If I’m a below poverty line citizen and the democrats are proposing free health care for all (which they are), what party would I vote for? Not enough? How about if I was one of the 12 million illegal immigrants that crossed U.S border without permission, and I was aware that the democrats don’t have a problem with open borders? Would I vote for them? The question is, if you add the leftist narrative to the 50% of Americans that make under $90,000 what do you get? Not to mention the 1 in 4 Americans that support some form of socialism. It’s called political swaying, and it’s been and still is the lefts primary tactic to this day.

If I tell someone that their hair is nice everyday, what happens? Eventually after a certain amount of time, that “someone” gains a certain belief about his hair. It really doesn’t matter if its sixty different colors, that “someone” now thinks his hair is wonderful besides anyone else’s opinion. That’s exactly what is happening with millennials and college attendants presently , they are being told lies that are contrary to the real world. Then one day, when they finally do obtain a job at Walgreens, with their $200,000 queer musicology degree, the real world of many opinions and discussion hits them. Wow! What a brutal surprise!

Aside from the socialist, Marxist, communist values that have been implementing themselves into our country for the last half a century, we now are starting to see destructive results. Those destructive results revolve primarily around lies, as do all destructive results. Trust me, you don’t need to look far to find a slowly deteriorating country.

In a society where a Supreme Court justice can claim pregnant women aren’t mothers, and a Muslim representative is able to claim 9/11 was “some people did something”, its hard to understand what is morally equitable. Can we at least establish the fact that America is changing, and presumably not for the better.

“The Onlookers Publication is one of few conservative news sites on the internet. Our goal is to preserve American traditional values as long as possible, and to provide Americans with the ammunition needed to win the fight for freedom.”

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