The Democrats Continue To Cry “Amnesty” For Illegals, While The Truth About Immigration Continues To Be Silenced


Let’s get the facts straight. The Democrats know what is happening at the southern border. I know it seems often that they appear to be overwhelmed with folly and insanity, but I have always doubted the fact that they are just plain stupid, especially when it comes to national security. 25 years ago Democrats were the party leading the posse against illegal immigration, and if you really want proof you can look up Harry Reid and Bill Clinton. They claimed, “This is a national security threat. This is taking the jobs of American workers. This is destroying their livelihood. We must end this.”

Now the conclusion to why the Democrats no longer support having a functioning citizenship system and strong national security is simple, “they have lost their reputation in many states over the last couple decades.” The Democrats like other politicians know that without votes, they won’t survive. If the masses don’t turn up to vote for them, how will they stay in power? These are the questions Democrats had to recently ask themselves when they realized the American vote wasn’t going to be in their favor much longer. In return Democrats true colors are showing vibrantly now with their strong support for open borders, so that in the future the illegal vote will get them elected.

If I open my own personal house to homeless people, what will it look like in a year? Do you assume that everything will be just fine? Certainly not! Stuff will be well used or broken, and possibly some items stolen. In comparison to the Southern border, that is what our country will be similar to under Democratic control. Throughout history, power and control has been at the heart of every civilization. The untold truth not many recognize, is that most people if given the chance want to become more powerful and controlling. Remember, the Democrats are clearly aware of what is taking place with America’s current national security crisis.

What is the outcome of illegal aliens and non-registered citizens possibly voting?

We have to realize as Americans, that Democratic support for open borders is not a viable assistance move for “America.” Instead, it’s a lifeline for their re-election, and that in most cases seems to be more important than America itself. MIT claims that there are currently 22 million illegal immigrants within American borders right now, and even some say the number is much higher. The fact is, we don’t know the exact amount, because they aren’t registered citizens, and that’s frightening. Aside from that, illegals voted 80% Democratic last election, and with the leftist narrative that “Trump is a racist” being spewed across nation wide television, that percentage could drastically increase.

Aside from everything else, I personally believe that the reason that Democrats have such hatred for Donald Trump, is because he is diagnosing and treating the border emergency as it should be.

So, when you add the illegal votes to the Democratic side in future elections, the Democrats will undoubtedly win by land slide after land slide. The abolishment of the electoral college is without question just another way to guarantee Democratic rule in future elections, and we should all be seriously aware of the dangerous possibility of something like this happening soon.

Regardless of what the Democratic Party wants you to believe about illegal immigration, the influx of illegal immigrants is presently doing significant damage to our population and national security. If certain measures aren’t taken by a few honest people very soon, our country could be in for another major plight. Especially if Americans are not becoming more aware about this occurring crisis.

“The Onlookers Publication is one of few conservative news sites on the internet. Our goal is to preserve American traditional values as long as possible, and to provide Americans with the ammunition needed to win the fight for freedom.”

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