A Collection Of Idle Dunderheads That Get Paid For Being So

“”I think I’d want to hear it … I think you might want to listen, there isn’t anything wrong with listening,” he added, calling the information “opposition research.”

Since the concept of “accountability journalism” was introduced sometime near the first term of the previous president Obama’s administration, journalism has hit it’s death bed. Journalism for news organizations originally used to be the factual and simplistic reporting of “news”, now it’s morphed into an over complicated waste due to the word “accountability.”

Accountability journalism simplistically, is the literature produced by those that enjoy filling up their articles with overcomplex, pointless, nonsense that results in what they call “news.” Ok, maybe not all news articles written daily follow the guidelines of accountability journalism, but we can reasonably say most. When reading news nowadays, I must always remind myself to remember the concept of “analyzation before belief.” This means when I read a story I try to examine it closely for areas where the author could toss his own narrative in, versus where the “basic facts” actually add up.

For instance, I proclaim that transgender people are “mentally unstable”, which inevitably sets people off. But, my reasoning for this belief is backed up by a undeniable truth. Over 40% of the transgender community has attempted to commit suicide at some point in their confusing lives, and regardless of how painful it might be for a modern day progressive to hear that statement, it’s sadly the truth.

Last week the leftist media went haywire over a statement the president made about whether or not if given the choice, would listen to foreign intelligence regarding a future opponent. His response was quite unique, “I think I’d want to hear it … I think you might want to listen, there isn’t anything wrong with listening,” he added, calling the information “opposition research.” When the video broke of his response, a new narrative was created, one that once again demonized president Trump. Apparently listening to foreign intelligence concerning information on your opponent is “no-no-#231” in the “how to be an accurate bias journalist” published by the editorial staff at CNN, hence the oxymoron.

Overall, accountability journalism takes a more broad stance in the entertainment side of things, much less than it actually reports viable “news.” For comparison, if a celebrity makes a rather “leftist” comment about gender neutral bathrooms, and a well known conservative responds to that comment in a possibly “provocative” way. That can contrive a rather amusing “story” for news organizations on both sides of the political spectrum. That is why we have the term “fake news”, because specific individuals have become aware of the misbalance in factual news.

Even though stories like the one I previously created are constantly being published by media outlets continuously, these stories aren’t being labeled correctly according to what they truthfully are. In certain left leaning media organizations, we can see most of them tend to create their stories based on less important sometimes nonexistent “problems.” For example border security, though MSNBC reports on the category “border security”, they always purposely take the “accountability” side of reporting. Instead of maybe implying that illegal immigration is harming to our economy and national security in numerous ways, they might just tell a story about a 5 year old girl being ripped from her fathers arms by an ICE (Immigrations and Customs Enforcement) agent.

Genuinely, media outlets and news organizations since the introduction of “accountability reporting” and journalism, have transformed into another form of personal entertainment for most young people and unaware citizens in general. In conclusion, we must rid ourselves of the ideology that “news organizations” are present to benefit us with “factual investigative reporting.” I think the best way to describe the imparting process of entertainment and accountability news, is that the facts will never surface. You may see that the gates are down, and that the lights are flashing, but the train isn’t coming.

“The Onlookers Publication is one of few conservative news sites on the internet. Our goal is to preserve American traditional values as long as possible, and to provide Americans with the ammunition needed to win the fight for freedom.”

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