Young People Advocating For Socialism : Do They Really Comprehend It In The First Place?

When Gallup released it’s poll recently that 4 in 10 Americans support some form of socialism, people freaked out. Supporters of capitalism were taken back by the idea that virtually 43% of America had some what of a positive outlook on socialism. Without consideration, journalists rushed to their “think tanks” and began to compose literary articles about the recent overwhelming support socialism had somehow gained, but did they really read the entire poll?

Surprisingly enough, if you read the “government Vs free market” section in the study, you will find that most Americans tend to support non-governmental intervention when it comes to things like technological innovation, redistribution of wealth, and the economy overall. Other things like environmental policy and protecting consumers privacy online are actually the most supported areas right now for governmental intervention i.e. “socialism.”

In the end, Gallup concluded that “America’s views on socialism are complex”, meaning that really everyone that claims to support socialism presently each has some kind of different belief about it specifically. Essentially, everyone has a contrasting view on socialism because socialism has not been explained to them. Public education in America by no means explains to you thoroughly and correctly the differences between a capitalistic society and one of socialistic control, much less the contrasting link they possess to having a free market or not.

Here’s what I know. I have spoke to many young people about their views on why they think a socialistic society would benefit America, and this is what they believe. Without further or due, most millennials are stuck on the idea that capitalism is unfair to the less privileged in society and that socialism would bring mass equality to everyone, thus leaving everybody happy. Except this is what they lack when claiming that. They don’t understand that a majority of the benefits and much of what they cherish in modern day America was brought to them because of our functioning capitalistic community.

That being said, millennials and supporters of socialism don’t seem to correctly understand or want to comprehend the monetary crisis we would obtain by implementing socialist policies into our institutions and society as a whole. In the end, a representative democracy is supposed to be controlled by rationality and clear logic, not people that are quick on the draw. What people that support free market and capitalism now have to understand, is that the DSA (Democratic Socialists of America) are not just intending to take over American politics, but that they are playing for keeps when it comes to totalitarian control over the North American continent.

Socialism is the philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance and the gospel of envy.

WINSTON CHURCHILL, speech at the Scottish Unionist Conference, Perth, Scotland, May 28, 1948

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