Reviewing The Rampant Jackassery Of The Present Day Democratic Party

If your considering watching the debate after reading this article, I would advise you not to. It’s better actually that you read the available commentary about it than to visibly view it, because overall it’s a complete and utter shame to understand what minimal intelligence you must possess to qualify as a presidential candidate. So, if you do decide to watch it, “look out!”

On top of many other ludicrous statements the candidates made, universal “government paid” health-care was set on the table. Essentially Obama-Care 2.0. Obama-Care 2.0 includes paid health care for all that can’t afford it, including illegal immigrants. All it requires is a slight tax increase on every citizen, or does it? In reality the Democrats understand that money doesn’t fall from trees and that reasonably these “welfare” programs cost a hefty sum, so how exactly would they pick up the tab on this apparent “human right?” Here’s a hint, it’s a key reason why the American Revolution happened. Taxes.

From the realistic perspective, here’s how it happens.

(Candidate) “I believe universal health care is a basic human right!” (Voter) “Me too, but how will we pay for it?” (Candidate) “Isn’t it just great to know you are completely medically covered voter?” (Voter) “Yeah, but I still would like to know how you propose to pay for it?” (Candidate) “Well, obviously middle class Americans wouldn’t mind the slightest bit paying a small increase in taxes to get such amazing coverage!” (Voter) “Wait, what kind of increase are we talking about?” (Candidate) “Oh, maybe roughly around 40-50%, but the return is just incredible besides that!” (Voter) “Wouldn’t it just be better if I bought my own health coverage and spared myself a cent instead of giving away more than half my income to you guys, so that the 40% of the population that are obese can be content?” (Candidate) “…”

Obviously universal health care is not all the democrats make it seem to be. In Canada, average Canadians pay 43% of their income to taxes. Has your jaw dropped yet? While on the subject of “supposedly” free stuff, let’s look at debt free tuition proposed by senator Elizabeth Warren.

Pilling onto universal government ran health care, we have the proposed “debt free tuition” by many of these candidates as well. Their main slogan for this idea, is “tax the rich!” Meaning that the top 3% would have the time of their life trying to pay off 1.25 trillion in just around 10 years, which I love saying wouldn’t happen. Inevitably, the rich would eventually leave America, because you would have to be stupid to pay 90% in taxes. I can confidently tell you, there are much cheaper ways to obtain a college degree without spending loads of money. Now, let me give you the true rhetoric behind these last two debates.

The rhetoric that was portrayed in these last two debates really wasn’t to convince you universal health care is a basic human right, or that transgender men should have the right to an abortion, but it was to stir extreme hate towards the current presidential incumbent Donald Trump.

If you are a radical leftist that tuned into either of these debates, you probably tuned in mad, and tuned out mad. When you tuned in, you were mad because Trump is still president and you can’t do anything about it. When you tuned out, you were mad because Trump is still president and the candidates that angrily despised him on TV are still candidates. Which is exactly what they want you to think. Inevitably anyone that despises Trump will vote completely opposite to him. Meaning that people like “sleepy creepy Joe Biden” will get votes not because any of his policy ideas make sense, but due to the fact he is obviously not Trump.

I think most Americans are sensical individuals, and I would hate to see many of them head to the voting booths with hate in their hearts towards the current president, instead of wisdom in their minds.

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