A Generation Riddled With Uninformed Brutes : This Is Definitely An Attack On Free Speech

If you saw the Portland attacks a couple days ago and still think the terrorist group Antifa is not averting free speech, I would counsel you to go talk to severely beaten journalist Andy Ngo. After having quick-dry cement milkshakes thrown at his head and various other chemicals sprayed on his face and body, people are finally starting to speak up.

What’s very compelling about this last news week overall, is that leftism has been receiving new significant un-popularity in America due to the previous actions of the violence driven “Antifa (Anti-Fascist)” protesters. According to Antifa participants, “they’re willing to physically attack anyone who employs violence against them or who condones racism — as long as force is used in the name of eradicating hatred.”

What Is Violence In “Antifa Terminology?”

Primarily, we must comprehend what the term “violence” means in the Antifa dictionary, because they don’t use legal terms like the rest of us law abiding citizens do. Apparently instead of defining a word logically, Antifa would rather have it’s participants individually decide what they feel each word means to them. An example of this act is what has recently happened to the word “racism/racist.” Racism used to be a term to define someone who felt physical, moral, and overall superiority to another race, but now you can be labeled racist for not having a problem with the Betty Ross flag on the back of a Nike’s shoe.

The answer to what exactly Antifa defines violence as is currently unclear. But, besides from what they want it to be, the correct legal definition under American law for “violence” is : “The unlawful exercise of physical force or intimidation by the exhibition of such force.” Meaning that the Antifa members that attacked journalist Andy Ngo and seven other bystanders were either physically threatened by them, or they found what they said to condone racism. If they even said anything at all.

Eradicating Hatred In The Name Of “What?”

As I have said before, hate crimes only exists when you add your own personal biases to a situation. If I’m a black man who decides to walk into a Caucasian owned liquor store to obtain change for a $20 bill, and they tell me their policy prevents them from doing so, what exactly happened. In my mind, I can assume the manager was racist and that he falsely informed me of a non-existent policy, or that was their authentic policy.

The problem with social injustices and hate crimes, is that they don’t rely on actual law to uphold their cases. So, instead of Antifa participants using America’s current law system that relies on the term “innocent until proven guilty”, they are subsequently creating new laws and punishments individually as they progress.

The Truth About The Antifa Riots

Apparently during his beating Andy Ngo claims that nearby police officers did nothing to obstruct his physical battery. What really happened was this.

Andy Ngo and seven other attendees were physically assaulted by masked lunatics wielding lead pipes and crowbars who apparently couldn’t stand that their was someone who disagreed with them nearby. Piling onto that statement, the nearby law enforcement and government are undeniably being unrestrictive towards the acts of terrorism these thugs are committing. Some could even go so far to say Antifa are Hitlers brown-shirts in black.

The Assault On Free Speech

To be honest, the Antifa riots are inevitably suppressive to free speech. They are using purposeful communist tactics to physically eliminate anyone that disagrees with them by means of force. This is plain and simple a pure assault on every Americans first amendment right, let’s just hope this next upcoming culture war won’t involve to much bloodshed.

“The Onlookers Publication is one of few conservative news sites on the internet. Our goal is to preserve American traditional values as long as possible, and to provide Americans with the ammunition needed to win the fight for freedom.”

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