Patriotism In America : If You Don’t Like It, Leave

When you open your heart to patriotism, there is no room for prejudice. The Bible tells us, ‘How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity.’

Donald Trump

Now more than ever, it seems that there is an intending evil uprising being created by tyrants that wish to cause intense damage to our country. These totalitarian autocrats wish nothing other than for entire control and reign over our representative democracy, and I have officially ruled out the possibility that they are indeed political morons. They are not.

For some reason I do not believe a normal patriotic senator “Cory Booker” would travel thousands of miles to the southern border, in order to escort five illegal immigrant women into America to further seek asylum. Currently in Cory Bookers state of New Jersey, there are an estimated 2,500 to 3,000 homeless veterans, as well as 10,900 children that fall asleep every night without roofs over their heads. Meanwhile their senator is visiting the southern border attempting to save the world by transporting illegal aliens into our country, and providing them with defense attorneys, so that then they may possibly obtain asylum.

Last week Nike pulled the Air Max 1 USA shoe. The shoe features a 13 star Betty Ross American flag, and according to critics of the flag it symbolizes hate. Somewhere, Someway, Someone decided that the 13 star Betty Ross American flag was racist, why? Because it was crafted at a time in U.S history when racism and slavery was prominent. Obviously that was a good enough reason for Nike to remove the item from their product line, which they did. Overall, if we were to apply such a policy that banned things created during times in America when racism and slavery were prominent, we would be without a constitution.

Truthfully, In Nike’s case, they didn’t have to remove the Air Max 1 USA shoe. Nothing is racist about the Betty Ross flag! I could say the bill of rights is racist because is was implemented during a time of racism, but is it? No. For some reason the left would rather you ignore your present freedoms and liberty’s and instead engage in an endless cycle of displeasure towards every aspect of American society. Patriotism on the other hand leaves bigotry and prejudices out of the equation, and in return produces a sense of equality and unity in each other.

I always explain to people, that the founding fathers planted the seed, and that we are reaping the benefits. Without further evidence, we are continuously participating in the fruits that our system of “checks and balances” produces daily. This “leftist rhetoric” that stipulates one must constantly be unsatisfied with their government is not going to produce results in society, nor will it even ever begin to solve “actual problems.”

Undoubtedly I have no right to tell you to leave America, but this idea that complaining and adopting victimhood will somehow solve all of our problems is false. The founding fathers specifically designed the constitution to hopefully preserve America’s representative democracy as long as possible.

After all, a country cannot be a country without it’s people, and the left is trying to break us all in half.

“The Onlookers Publication is one of few conservative news sites on the internet. Our goal is to preserve American traditional values as long as possible, and to provide Americans with the ammunition needed to win the fight for freedom.”

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