Yet Another Political Figure Gets A Hilarious Nickname : CNN’s Chris Cuomo Is Now “Fredo!”

I have to say, watching the recent “Chris Cuomo Outbreak” had to be the funniest part of this weeks news cycle by far and without question. This week a video was posted on twitter of the CNN anchor Chris Cuomo making a complete fool of himself in the public arena, what was he doing you ask? Well, he was violently threatening to throw a heckler down a flight of stairs and “f***ing ruin his sh*t.” Think this is fake news? Think again!

A well known CNN off-duty anchor has a escalated feud with some random guy who called him “fredo.”

First off, lets thoroughly discuss how to avoid confrontational arguments. Step 1, “don’t loose your cool.” As you can see poor Mr. Cuomo broke that golden rule and now he is paying sticker price in public embarrassment for an event that lasted merely 50 seconds. Undoubtedly, when someone approaches you in the public area with intentions to “stir the pot”, what do you do? Good question, lets find out.

Imagine you are Chris Cuomo, out for a walk in the park, and then a heckler approaches you and says “hey fredo”, now what should your response be? Remember, your a 49 year old CNN news anchor on his leisure time, and everything you respond with is being recorded by the jackass with the camera next to you. The truth is, hopefully your never in a situation like this, and if you are, run. If not, simply state something like “I’m sorry you feel that way”, and “have a nice day!”

It’s really not my forte to particularly write and compose literature about nonsense like this, but this made the news week laughable. Not necessarily Cuomo’s outburst, but president Trump’s tweets. Check them out.

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