Cry Me A River : A Cure For The Helplessness Epidemic

Have you ever seen one of those life alert commercials, where the elderly people take a tumble in their homes, generally when no one is home. It’s such a depressing sight, the fact that no one is presently nearby, and “they cant get up!” Well, just imagine the same commercial, except replace the 80 year old with a latte sipping millennial watching CNN. It seems quite odd right? Why would a young person with such strength and agility not be capable of catapulting himself off the ground. Good question, that’s because I’m about to make an analogy to something else, something else that will intentionally make more sense.

Right now, the Democratic Party is running 25 presidential candidates for the sake of hopefully winning back control of the White House in 2020. With some familiar faces, and some not so familiar, their clear goal is to defeat the current presidential incumbent Trump. This being said, I think their actual policies are being overlooked by some Democratic voters due to the current media war against the president that is being widely promoted by certain prominent media outlets more than necessary.

Other than the Democratic voters ignoring the act of “looking further” into the policy ideas and proposals of the Democrats running for office, we still find a vast majority that seem overly convinced and supportive of these politically insane leftist candidates. The question is why? Why do voters actually appeal to policy ideas and legislative proposals that defy the basic freedoms and principles our country was founded on? The answer actually has two parts, and right now I’m going to discuss the economic part of my argument, which is part 1 of a 2 part answer.

The Economic Side To Our Question.

Let’s be straightforward, it doesn’t appear that Democratic voters understand the economy very well, because if they did they wouldn’t be supporting raising the minimum wage or government paid college tuition. Hence we must address why this is, and in particular, “how can it be fixed.”

The issue with Democratic voters who don’t see the wrong in radical socialistic policies like universal health care, is that at some point in their lives they fell ill to believing that they had more of a relationship with the government than just a social contract. Of course the universities, social media, and leftist narrative are to blame for the fallacious core beliefs these left wingers hold. But what exactly put them into the helplessness mentality they now seem unable to break free from?

The helplessness epidemic is what I label it as. It preys on those who generally are at a time in their life when they lack financial prosperity, which is almost always young people. Aside from that person’s social beliefs, which very well may be quite strong, young people (Millennials GenZ) are overall more economically retarded than the rest of the population. This is obviously due to their age and lack of financial experience in the first place. Which means when corrupt socialist politicians come about with their “income inequality”, and “people should just be given $1000 a month” slogan, a young person can easily be lead astray into believing that these politicians are undoubtedly correct.

In public education they teach you the mindset that the government is essentially your savior, and that whatever situation you end up in, the government should have your back. Just don’t end up in a situation where you are making $500,000 a year or more, because that wouldn’t be fair for the rest of the population who are apparently struggling in battle with “income inequality!”

This is why we see middle aged American parents with children complaining how much the minimum wage stinks. They have been provided with the helplessness epidemic, so instead of maybe thinking about obtaining a higher education while working the drive-thru at McDonalds, they are listening to Kamala Harris and all the other Democrats have a big pity party for those affected by the notorious 1%.

What it boils down to is simple. Financial prosperity is a choice, but more importantly a belief. If you think the little man can never get ahead, you chose to believe that. The puppet Democrats standing behind those podiums might certainly act like they know your situation, and their messages may appeal to you as maybe a sign of hope for financial profitability, but in the end what have you really done for yourself?

Here’s the solution : “Stop believing that outside forces have the ability to somehow manipulate your finances into crisis, this is not true.” Only you have the ability to determine what becomes “financially” prosperous in your life, not anybody else.

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