A Clear Message Against Socialism

“Oh the gloom!” “Oh the agony!” “How deeply flawed and imperfect is our nation?” No, of course the educational institutions within America don’t exactly state their messages in such a Shakespearean dramatic form as previously worded, while they silently indoctrinate our youth into Marxist anti-patriotic citizens. Instead of the institutional teachers and professors being bluntly honest as to what their leftist objectives are, they choose not to, because persuasively teaching the economic theory of socialism and spreading the totalitarian message is undoubtedly against everything America was founded on. If only more Americans understood the tyrannical power that could be obtained by convincing an entire institutionally educated generation that leftism is the worlds only hope. It truly is a shocking disgrace to modern politics and society, but moreover the question of our nations future.

In the later half of the 20th century, socialism was so effectively great people climbed 15 foot walls and took on the risk of being shot to escape it. Except in the university’s nobody is told that. Instead they are told to recall a possible childhood memory, one in which involves the TV show “Spongebob Squarepants”, particularly the episode where Patrick (Spongebob’s Knucklehead Friend) is handing out free money on the side of the road to citizens in a makeshift lemonade stand. Sounds quite similar to the welfare office right? Then there’s that thing called Democratic Socialism, apparently it’s not “complete” governmental control of the means of production, but truthfully it is. Yes, of course under Democratic Socialism you can still own your own business and have control over your profits, except when it comes to your taxes. If you are making “top 1% income” you can expect to loose 90% of your profits right off the bat! Are you now seeing the light? Democratic Socialism and Socialism are the “same things!” But, God forbid if we do end up with Bernie Sanders for president in 2020, if you are making “above poverty level” income, you’d be better off just quitting your job and following the rest of the idiots that voted for socialism to Bernie’s warm arms. He’ll then mutter the words, “I told you we could transform society.” Then you will clearly understand what he meant when he said that.

We don’t need to really go into the deep philosophical studies of Karl Marx and Rousseau to get a good idea what the desired outcome of socialism is, contrary we can look to Soviet Russia. The process happened like the following,

  • Socialism Happens In Soviet Russia
  • The Socialist System Fails In Soviet Russia
  • And Then The Democratic Party Comes Along In The U.S. And Says “But That Wasn’t Really Socialism!”

People that have never tried Sushi don’t go out bragging about how good it is, and so far nobody from Venezuela seems to be complimenting Nicolas Maduro for his ingenious socialist society while they eat their own animals in starvation.

If the New York congresswoman “Alexandria Ocasio Cortez” was ever asked about what she thought about the collapse of Venezuelas economy, I have a feeling that she would say, “then they should try Socialism!”

To Be Continued

Copyright 2019 @onlookerspub

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