Social Media Is Mentally Harmful For Everyone, Not Just Our Youth

It’s already bad enough that grown adults struggle with social media addictions and depression from platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook, but we can only begin to imagine what a major phycological interruption these devices must be like for America’s youth. The World Health Organization (WHO), just recently defined social media as “addictive”, which many of us have knew for some time. But, if social media has been proven addictive, what steps can we take to prevent such, or in some cases “what steps can we take to stop it?”

Primarily, before we can make build a conclusion, we must first identify the certainties that social media is inherently made up of.

Social Media Is “Anti-Social”

Fact one is that “social media is anti-social”, in simple terms, it’s given name contradicts what it actually produces. This is why people are much better off saying nasty things on twitter than in real life, because it’s easier to say something behind someone’s back than it is to their face. On top of this we also have internet slang and over usage of abbreviations which can contribute to low vocabulary skills within people of all age groups. In short terms, social media creates an environment that doesn’t require us to know anything academically sound, hence it is ultimately user friendly for every brain. Including children’s.

Social Media Is A Giant Waste Of Time

I always tell people, “social media is not real life”, when you enter the world of social media you are entering a fantasy. If you have Instagram, you will understand. People follow you, you follow them, and in return you get to scroll through their posts like an endless childhood picture book. This is the life many Americans are living. A life where you can highlight the best parts of your day with the touch of a button, when sometimes in actuality all may be the complete opposite.

In learning that social media can mostly be a waste of time, we need to understand that over usage of these platforms can lead to us leave other important areas of our lives undeveloped. Meaning that although social media may seem entertaining, it isn’t in any way benefiting us other than pleasure.

Depression That Never Existed Before

Social Media platforms also give way to mental depression, I believe is caused by our minds ability to subconsciously believe everything we see. It’s comparable to the doctrine of atheism. Atheists believe that there is no God because they can’t see Him, and if physically viewable, they might have some concern for his existence. It’s simple for our limited brains to observe a picture of a couple and assume that they are in a perfect relationship in reality, but truthfully we are then again only seeing a portion of their lives together.

A recent poll showed that people who use social media about 30 times a week compared to those who use it less, are almost 3 times more likely to be depressed. This means that before widespread social media addiction, people were 3 times less likely to be depressed, which leaves room for us to question social media’s impact on the suicide rate.

The Outcome

Here’s the facts, I can’t convince you to stop using social media, only you can. So, take what you’ve learned and start putting it to rational usage, don’t let the unrealistic realm of fairy land overtake your life!

God made us for so much more.

Copyright 2019 @onlookerspub

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