Finding Unity By Accepting Socialism : The 3rd Democratic Debate Unveils More Of The Radical Left Agenda

“Que perdida de tiempo”, stands for “what a waste of time”, which is exactly what the latest third democratic debate was. It was no more than another three hour long “can you fix my problems” session filled with bitterness, and some escapees from the nearby south Texas senior center. One of those escapees just happened to be a millionaire named Bernie Sanders, who at the time of his escape had just been diagnosed with acute laryngitis. Apparently he felt well enough to speak and must have assumed that the audience wouldn’t notice the ever so horse sound in his voice. Overall, none of his assumptions came true, the audience did notice his altered voice, but then again he wouldn’t know that because his hearing aids are broke and his ocular prescription is clearly outdated.

That said, the main fight was between Joe Biden and his hysterical rival Liz Warren. Throughout the entire debate the two of them sparred back and forth ranging from how little they know about healthcare, to how little they know about healthcare, all while piggybacking on the post Obama Administration. For some reason all the candidates felt the urgency to commend Barack Obama for his past presidential actions he took to revolutionize the modern day American healthcare system. I guess I didn’t know raising private health insurance rates 60% was a “commendable action!”

By far the most entertaining part of the night had to have been when some candidates said they would eventually hope to turn Texas blue, this was fairly believed by some, until Beto O’Rourke made it loud and clear he would pass a bill to confiscate all assault weapons ranging from AR-15’s to AK-47’s. And there goes that idea folks.
Lastly, you’ve got Biden’s personal debate night agenda, and it consisted of one rule. “Don’t go too far left”, and “don’t go to far moderate!” Which sort of interprets exactly what he did. He attacked Elizabeth Warren’s and Bernie Sanders healthcare plans by exposing there costs, and then from there he took a backseat and let the moderators pressure the two radicals to respond. Which the did out of obligation, but they responded the same way Hillary Clinton did when the moderators questioned her in 2016 about her emails. Instead of bluntly answering the question with candor and honesty, she avoided talking about the first steps she would take with her new plan and just decided to skip to what she predicted it’s results would be. This of course was the fact that universal healthcare was going to be the best thing since her Cherokee ancestors took up the sport of lacrosse and in doing so we could historically change the medical industry.
In conclusion, the Democrats main message last night was clear and simple, “we need to come together and sustain unity!” With a message like that, who could ever question the credibility of these fine heartwarming politicians? All they want is to bring Americans together, take your guns, and destroy the great name of western civilization while shouting racist to anyone who dare question their opinions.

Copyright 2019 @onlookerspub

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