The Opposition “Must Die!”

Is it true? That those that control the top of America’s social hierarchy are really the kind of people that don’t plug in their phones until they say “5% remaining”, or do they suddenly become satisfied with the show already on the television only after realizing the distance between them and the remote control? No, I don’t buy into the idea that everyone that comprises the ruling class are those “if you drop the ice cube just kick it under the fridge” types, but exceptionally more totalitarian based on their views towards life.

The latest this week has been yet another prime example of just how left the Democratic Party is moving. With the reboot of Brett Kavanaugh, the credible journalists over at the New York Times editorial page decided it was high time for “Kavanaugh 2.0”, so instead of reporting about things that actually matter they began doing what they know how to do best, which is character assassination.

Of course when they demonstrate their tactics of “character assassination”, they prefer to use everyone except the entire left, which means everyone else who is not of their beliefs is “big game.” Right now it just so happens their main targets are Donald Trump, and Brett Kavanaugh, because to them they pose a serious threat.

Believe me, If there was credible legitimate evidence that justice Kavanaugh did in fact sexually assault these women in the ways in which they have described, I would not mind to see him sentenced to severe imprisonment, but currently I see no evidence. The truth is I can label this character assassination, because this isn’t just the first but the second time an honorable industrious man has had to endure immense humility for the sake of the powerful. The mere idea of his existence on the Supreme Court is petrifying for the left and they will continue to do whatever it takes to have him removed.

As for the media, (now unpopular) news organizations and outlets like CNN and Vox will continue to stay afloat financially due to disclosed funding from prominent members of the ruling class, even if their ratings and traffic plummet. These fallacies and falsehoods will continue their cycles endlessly until those who challenge and question them are eliminated entirely.

Logic explains to us that people are “innocent until proven guilty”, and without evidence how can we convict someone? The radical left has now crossed the line entirely judicially and morally by somehow accepting allegations as evidence. Overall allegations mean nothing without evidence, shouldn’t the left be held somewhat accountable for all of the pain and suffering they have caused good Americans? At least if we were to subpoena them we would have evidence, and they would be convicted.

Copyright 2019 @onlookerspub

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