Exposing The “Smear Campaign” : Why The Democrats Won’t Stop Creating Narratives

The “Anti-Trump” Media Exists

Unfortunately, there are still people that remain in this country that refuse to accept the fact that an “anti-trump” media really exists. People still tend to consciously misplace their trust when it comes to finding an honest media source, and instead of questioning the credibility and biases of the media sources they view, they end up buying into some of these outlets agendas. Lately, the most common rhetoric being pushed is the “anti-trump” rhetoric. The anti-trump rhetoric derives itself from many sources, including the false interpretation of many of the presidents policies like immigration and gun control, and by molding and manipulating his words to appropriate their intentions.

How To Avoid The “Anti-Trump” Media

Avoiding the anti-trump media can sometimes be a very difficult thing to do, and sometimes it can be very simple. In order to identify the anti-trump media you must be on the look out for inconsistent arguments that are constantly being made against the president, particularly in a rash or paradoxical way.

Take for example when Don Lemon on CNN says that Donald Trump is a racist. This is a premise that has no supporting argument and If you don’t like president Trump, this statement can easily be believed. My question is not wether you choose to be believe what Don Lemon says or not, instead I wish to convince you that media outlets should not be controlling what you think. I think if were all being morally honest here, we’ll admit that “other people shouldn’t be controlling what we think”, and that our beliefs should probably be conceived after taking time to reason thoroughly with all information.

The moral being, don’t let your major form of exercising be “jumping to conclusions”, especially conclusions made by someone else.

Grow Up, And Start Thinking For Yourself

If you truly believe the “racist rhetoric” that is being chucked around about Donald Trump, or the “Russian Interference” propaganda, possibly even this new “Impeachment Inquiry”, I want you to start questioning your assumptions. Just because the guy on the TV looks professional, and acts professional, doesn’t necessarily make his words less subjective. It’s time that we all stop creating our political opinions from media outlets whose sole purpose in some cases is to simply override our minds with false conclusions and misconceptions. We are all independent human beings with the divine ability to reason with everything around us, how can anyone take that away from us?

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