House Democrats Are On Another Impeachment Train To “Nowhere!”

Here’s the recap of the ever so popular “Impeachment Inquiry”, so far :

This impeachment inquiry, unlike some of the other attempts to remove president Trump from office, is based on two major documents. Unlike it’s predecessor The Mueller Report (400+ pages), this “impeachable offense” relies on a phone call that occurred on June 25th 2019, between president Trump and Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky, and a whistleblowers formal report on that phone call.

After the phone call took place, a CIA officer (the whistleblower) with access to the recorded transcripts of the presidents conversations with foreign leaders decided they found the Ukraine calls transcript to be unlawful activity between president Trump and Volodymyr Zelensky. Apparently what made the call unlawful in the whistleblowers opinion was that he suspected president Trump to be asking for dirt from Zelensky on a political opponent, namely in this case Joe Biden. But Biden is an entirely different story for now.

After a few weeks of some messy business, the House Democrats requested that the White House release the transcript for the “July 25th Ukraine call”, which they claimed to have known about due to intel they received from the attorney representing the whistleblower. The White House quickly responded and within a matter of days had released the entire transcript of the phone call, declassified and unredcated to the public. Within a couple of hours, the House speaker Nancy Pelosi started an impeachment inquiry into president Trump, with the entire case based on the phone call and it’s bias whistleblower report.

What Is Going On Now?

With all the evidence in (the transcript & it’s whistleblower report), the Democrats are now conducting an investigation into the presidents ties with Ukraine, and if you ask me it’s not really going anywhere.

Before the transcript was released of the July 25th phone call, the Democrats were hoping to find within the transcript some sort of “quid pro quo” that would essentially make it look like president Trump was willing to exchange capital (or something of value) with president Zelensky for damning informational intelligence on his presidential opponent Joe Biden. Of course none of this happened, the transcript was released and the goods were spilled, there was absolutely nothing.

The “quid pro quo” the Democrats had so eagerly been awaiting turned out to be all smoke and mirrors. It was then that the Dems realized that the transcript wasn’t going to be the ticket to impeachment, and that no matter how many ways they spun the story, it wasn’t going to happen. Then the fog cleared miraculously, the storm lifted and it was revealed that the House Democrats had once again shot themselves in the foot with their own impeccable incompetence.

Where Is All Of This Going?

If you look at what has happened over the last three years, anything is possible with the Democrats in congress. They spent millions of dollars on a 400+ page document that ended up not having an ounce of factual evidence in it, that could not in any way shine a negative light on the fairness of the 2016 election. Then they claimed that the president had “obstructed justice”, this notion was denounced by Attorney General Bill Barr when he expressed to the special counsel “If special counsel Robert Mueller had found facts sufficient to constitute obstruction of justice, “I think he would state it” in his report.”

All of this, and now Ukraine. After giving up the “obstruction” charges, I believe the Democrats have now officially moved on to their next “narrative”, and it’s no better the last one.

With no “quid pro quo”, and arguably not a single piece of damning information, the Democrats continue to trot slowly into the cold dark wilderness, naked and afraid. And just like every person who exposes themselves in bareness to the freezing cold sensations of the wilderness before them, they are not going anywhere, anytime soon.

Copyright 2019 @onlookerspub

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