Trump Will Win In 2020 : While Democrats Waste Time, Trump Is Working Hard

With the 2020 election nearing closer by the day, President Trump is working unceasingly to keep his supporters motivated in his favor. With last quarters’ economic growth hitting 4.2% and more Americans employed than ever before, the economy will once again play a huge role in his next attempt to hold office.

In 2017 Trump implemented some of the largest tax cuts our economy has witnessed since Ronald Reagan, and it doesn’t stop there. President Trump has also played a major part in creating over 4 million new jobs since his inauguration, all while the median household income skyrocketed to a new record high. Supporters of the president have expressed that they could not be happier with his overall performance so far, so why does it seem like there is so much opposition?

While Republicans continue to celebrate the success of the country under the presidency of Donald Trump, Democrats have their supporters convinced that the sitting president is “unfit” to hold office. Of course, this is not a relatively new allegation, but rather one that has been the central talking point of the Democratic Party for the last three years. With almost the entire internet and cable media backing the DNC, objective truth and factual reporting has been made quite hard to locate, especially in a time when it is so gravely needed.

Though it seems the Democrats in Congress have done nothing for America in terms of macroeconomic policy and social improvement, I don’t believe they plan to win on their national accomplishments, but instead their untainted oppositional hatred for President Trump.

Being that the Democrats are running campaigns based on their individual resentment for the president and the proposal of their socialist “Medicare for All” health care plan, President Trump has all odds stacked against him according to his enemy’s, but is there enough stacked up to topple his success?

The Democrats recipe for destroying President Trump’s re-election follows as so :

– 1 tablespoon of “obstruction of justice”

– 1/2 a cup of “whistleblower reports”

– Gently mix “obstruction of justice” into the same bowl as “whistleblower reports” and blend till plausible

– then proceed to distribute this new mix into the bread pan coated with “bias media” and set your oven to 450 degrees

– set timer for (2020) and transport the pan into the oven

– watch the mixture rise into a giant glob of animosity and contempt

This strategy, though absurd and cruel is, unfortunately, the only way the Democrats feel they would have a chance in reclaiming the White House in 2020. The enemy may be strong, and the winds may be more fierce than ever before, but with America as his primary concern, how can we lose?

Copyright 2019 @onlookerspub

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