The Aftermath of Daryl Morey’s Tweet Exposes The Far Left’s Hatred For America

Confusion, Delusion, and messages filled with incompetence. All it took was one trivial tweet to ignite the now colossally broad and ongoing war between the second largest economy in the world, and the (NBA) National Basketball Association. While the left continues to paint the narrative that Hong Kong protesters are part of a terrorist organization, China appears to be on the verge of ridding the NBA entirely of it’s existence in their country. So what exactly happened, and why can’t the left openly admit that China is an oppressive communistic dictatorship led by a small group of totalitarian wack jobs who enjoy substantial power?

In less complex terms, the radical left has extreme hatred for America. Had Morey instead tweeted something relevant to “stand with women be pro-choice”, would their had been any reaction, possibly with similarities, to the one we are experiencing now pertaining to Hong Kong? Probably not. Of course, certain political topics have different levels of outrage than others, but It would be nice if the media was slightly more objective when reporting on the Hong Kong protesting and the NBA’s activity than they are presently.

I believe the main premise needed to even begin dialogue concerning the entire issue is that China is “not” in any way a “representative Democracy.” The Chinese people do not reside in a country that cares much about their individual liberties, let alone their freedoms, so what’s the deal with the left? Why can’t they purposefully make more pro-Democratic statements in this heated global debate towards the CCP (Chinese Communist Party)? If they really were conscientious about liberty, freedom, and democracy (which they claim they are), why aren’t we seeing their appalled facial expressions and outrageous twitter rants?

The truth is, there are leftist ideologues who despise democracy, they hate it with a passion. And when the NBA decided to disgustingly apologize to the Chinese government for a “so-called” controversial statement one of their own had rightfully made regarding his beliefs specifically about freedom and Democracy, their true colors were unveiled. They are a global profitable company making money in countries ran by totalitarians, and when the time came for them to stand up for the same beliefs our founding fathers held when they formulated the Bill of Rights, they walked away.

Fight for freedom, stand with Hong Kong.

EDIT : Here is what Amanda Prestigiacomo @DailyWire had to say about this particular topic today when I questioned her during a discussion.

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