Tolerance Versus Acceptance : The Left’s Idea of Tranquility

“You think transgenderism is a mental illness?”

“You have the audacity to not use a trans person’s desired pronouns?”

“You think men are not women?”

These are your typical outrageous responses crafted by leftists who place much unnecessary belief in the illogical and scientifically inaccurate doctrine of malleable genders, also labeled more socially as “transgenderism.”

It’s hate speech to say that this concept of “transgenderism” is a mental illness, even though it is. The definition of the word “illness” is : “an unhealthy condition of body or mind.” If we look at the transgender suicide rate, it’s up to 42%, which logically makes being transgender an unhealthy condition (this conclusion was formed based on the definition given above). What makes transgenderism derive itself from the mental aspect of our bodies is the understanding we possess of our biological sex.

Cisgender people (people that keep their biological gender) understand their individual sex by recognizing their inherent genitals, while some transgender people wake up in the morning wondering what gender they’ll choose to be that day. People frequently get rebuked for questioning the radical leftist notion of transgenderism, when in actuality, transgenderism is highly disputable.

And what about the pronouns? They are important too they tell us. If any person wishes to be addressed by different pronouns than the ones you might normally address them with (depending on their biological gender), you must be respectful and pay heed to that request. If a biological man “transitions” to a woman and wishes to be called she, I am not obligated to furthermore address him as “her.” Yes, there are some people in America that have little to no problem addressing transgender people with their desired pronouns, and there are some people who do. Including me.

There is clear evidence that the radical left does not just stipulate that you acknowledge transgenderism as a “legitimate matter”, but asks that you also respect the culture that comes with it, pronouns included. If leftist were to one day go so far to derive laws and policy based on this gender ideology riddled with holes and inconsistencies, what would be the most predictable result? Most likely they will attack the first amendment right to “free speech”, which of course, will result in immediate negatively formulated responses. Undoubtedly, it is objectively unconstitutional for any lawmaker to propose a bill or policy or law that requires “someone” to say “something” that is against there own personal interest.

Men are not women. Surprisingly great multitudes of radically subjective American citizens (particularly young people), find this statement widely offensive and extremely hateful. Why? Because it’s goes against everything they’ve been told to be true. That men can be women, and that women can most certainly be men. When indeed both of these statements are inherently incorrect, not just because some of us want them to be, but because scientifically, men and women have innate differences (most relevantly in one’s individual chromosomes). You can remove and replace your birth genitalia, and you can take hormone blockers to get a substantially lower voice and less body hair, but you can never change your DNA. If you are born a man/woman, you can never be otherwise in the eyes of science and truth.

So what are supposed to make of all this? Well for one, the left needs to start being tolerant of those who don’t agree with their inauthentic beliefs that I would venture to say, aren’t based on very much truth. Secondly, people need to begin coming to realization that they are not obligated to accept this radical ideology, but that they do have the choice to tolerate it. Lastly, we need to continue spreading the message of objectivity across the continent for culturally beneficial purposes, people need to understand when a lie is being told.

Regardless of your beliefs, ideological tolerance is a character quality. People that are racist are not socially tolerant, because they choose to openly criticize other ethnicities due to their beliefs. People that are bigots are not tolerant. People that provoke road rage incidents are not tolerant. You don’t have to be tolerant, after all this is an entirely “free country”, but it’s not anyone’s right (including the government) to forcefully make you accept foreign ideologies as explicit truth. You are capable of eradicating your own beliefs, just as everyone else is, and I believe that more left-wingers need to begin grasping that notion.

Try to be tolerant, but don’t accept anything as veracious unless it is in your personal interest to do so.

Copyright 2019 @onlookerspub

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