The Day Before The First Shot

With the most illegitimate impeachment hearings ever held within the borders of the United State’s scheduled to begin tomorrow, it’s preparation day for the left. While media pundits gear up for the big game, and outraged unemployed Democrats head to their local grocery stores to stock up on cola and kettle chips, the rest of America appears to be in a state of silence.

Regarding the Democrats in congress, most conservatives have come to the conclusion that their partisan actions, were and have undoubtedly been fueled by their dissatisfaction with the results of the 2016 presidential election. This has been inferred by the multiple scenarios that have occurred in which Democrats have attempted to impeach a sitting president by means of counterintelligence investigations and by locating instances within his work that could provide the basis for criminal charges.

Essentially, when things didn’t go right for the Democrats in 2016 (like they had planned), not only did president Trump become there primary target, but those who visited the poles and elected him did too.

Here’s the Democrats “case” pertaining to the upcoming public impeachment hearings.

For the Democrats, they understand what information they have (the July 25th phone call transcript and the whistleblower report) is not enough to accomplish their objective. They realize that the current legal system that inhabits America is not one that can easily be manipulated, such as “everyone is innocent until proven guilty”, not “everyone who looks and sounds like Donald Trump is guilty until proven innocent.” Though it seems that’s the game they have been participating in, “what would the Democrats really need in order to impeach the president?”

For starters, the Democrats would need to prove criminal intent. Meaning that regardless of how deeply you feel towards the notion that president Trump conspired with the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky in order to find negative political intelligence on “2020 hopeful” Joe Biden, doesn’t mean it’s an impeachable offense. The media is running the Ukraine story as If Joe Biden was never Vice President, and so to viewers It can be lucently assumed that what president Trump did was indeed “impeachable.”

Although I highly doubt that all the facts are out yet, it’s very disputable to say what type of plans the Democrats are going to execute in this upcoming fiasco. Some questions that still linger are, “will Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden be subpoenaed to testify during any of the hearings”, and “what about the Ukrainian gas company Burisma with it’s rather grey history during the Obama era?”

All of these questions are still on the table, and while the media has appeared to have already cleared the Biden family from any wrongdoings of the past, they have (as always) already firmly established that president Trump is beyond guilty. But then again, with the modern left, “perception is reality”, If they perceive you the wrong way, it doesn’t matter what your intentions were. Wil they continue to carry this standard tomorrow?

Copyright 2019 @onlookerspub

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