The Root Of The Economical Differences Between Conservatives And Left-Wingers

You often hear of prominent conservative media pundits and speakers denouncing the further implementation of “big government” social programs within the United States, because of their obvious incapabilities to co-exist with a free society. Conservatives are most notorious for advocating the notion of “less” government spending, while leftism stipulates the government is the biggest utilizable tool in society, and based on that premise, they conclude we should just use it’s power to make everyone happy. While the left claims the right is insensible and incompassionate, the right is commonly found suggesting the left has a severe problem with misinterpreting reality.

In California, homelessness is growing by the day, government officials are continuously checking the state budget in hopes that new funds will suddenly appear (similar to a hungry teenager that checks an empty fridge every five minutes), and the price of living has forced many to just simply leave the state. The comical thing is, conservatives understand why these terrible things are occurring, and a significant portion of leftists don’t.

Conservatives understand that the more money any government consumes from the pockets of it’s citizens via taxes, the less money those citizens now have to spend in a free market. Conservatives expound on how deranged big government can become by referencing the pending crises’ of Venezuela and Cuba, while leftists advocate the promotion of a new political ideology, namely “Democratic Socialism.” Leftists claim that the socialism tried by numerous 20th century counties in which resulted in the mass genocide of millions of people, is not in any way, shape, or form similar to the socialism they are now presently calling for, but rather an entirely different form of government.

Outside of the individual ideological differences of the left and right, you have the CNN, NBC, MSNBC news media, which is overrun by elitist mouth pieces bought and paid for by opulent people that like big government. Fox News gets hammered for being a “conspiracy network”, but only because they don’t side with the common narratives of the other existing media networks. CNN promotes government action on climate change, Fox News says climate change is a hoax. NBC says gun control is the only way to prevent future mass shootings in America, while Fox News sides with preserving the second amendment of the US constitution. All this disagreement, but what about the economy, and what about the role the government should have in it’s actions?

This is presently the fundamental point of disagreement between the left and the right about the economy. Conservatives argue that governmental intervention in any economy is disastrous, and progressives, instead of making a coherent rebuttal to the oppositional parties argument, choose not to argue, but rather to complain. They complain about poverty, disproportionate income, raising the minimum wage, and then they proceed to champion higher taxes and more social programs for the less affluent. The left tends to have sincere beliefs about issues, but these beliefs aren’t constructed on our ancestors positive discoveries, instead they are unconsciously formed on their failures.

Carl Marx famously said, “history repeats itself”, and he was right. Bad ideas, if given sufficient time, will always resurface as something exquisite and new. Socialism is no more than the redistribution of a country’s wealth by a government. The left claims that through Democratic Socialism, any country can have both free markets and costly social programs, but this is just not true. For a Democratic capitalistic nation, Socialism, on all levels, is a ruinous doctrine that puts more power in the hands of the state, and deducts capital from it’s free markets to sponsor itself.

What can we then conclude? What is the primary area of disagreement between the left and the right? The answer is simple. Social programs instated by Democrat lawmakers, caused government to get larger, and in the process, took to much money from the middle class. This resulted in the plight we are currently experiencing. Big government (lots of welfare), less free markets, not enough inhabitants to fill the middle class, and more impoverished people. The left says we need more welfare programs to resurrect ourselves from economic inequality, while the right argues that we need more free markets. I would vote for free markets. They have pulled millions from destitute poverty, and created more wealth than any other form of economic ideology.

Copyright 2020 @dylanshetler

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