Prejudice And Opinion, Two Different Things

When assessing the Democrats, are they (as they claim) faithfully in pursuit of justice and truth? Is the impeachment of Donald Trump as necessary as they express it to be? How about the GOP senators, is it reasonable to say that they are all actively participating in a political “coverup?” Instead of letting the American people consider these questions themselves, our narrative obsessed media is answering them for us, and without even mild hesitation.

The media, is at it’s core, exclusively an informative device. We know this because it tells us things we lacked knowledge of before we paid heed to it. There are currently two components of our present 21st century “media”, one being the producer, and the other being the consumer. In more understandable terminology, one being the media outlet, and the other being the viewer. Without the viewer, the media outlet cannot maintain business viability, and without the media outlet, the individuals will be uninformed. So why is this relevant to this week’s impeachment trial?

Remember, the American people voted for Trump in 2016, and they will do it again this year. The outcome of this next presidential election will be entirely based on the opinions and prejudices of the nation, whatever they be at that time, hopefully not much different than they currently are.

In this ongoing senate trial, the GOP Republicans, in order to be victorious, must utterly convince the masses that indeed, President Trump, is not a despicably wicked man. You may ask, why would a decent portion of a nation such as America ever come to the conclusion that their commander-in-chief is a “despicably wicked man?” This prompts us to examine by what means we obtain our political information. Which, if logically followed, leads us right into the hands of America’s mainstream media.

The media, like Hollywood celebrities, are captivated with telling Americans what to do, and much more, what to think. If you deny this, then you haven’t read the New York Times lately, or caught a glimpse of a CNN reporter mulling over the savory words of Chairman Adam Schiff. We sometimes tend to forget (all of us who inhabit the political spectrum), that media pundits too have strong opinions on matters, and unfortunately, some prejudices as well.

For Democrats, the media is their constant ally, no matter how rough the political terrain becomes, they will support them with diligence. Throughout this senate trial, in order to come out triumphant (which will be unlikely considering the present republican majority), the Democrats will need to convey to America, that President Trump doesn’t deserve a second term. This is because their charges of “soliciting foreign aid” and “obstructing congress” are not going to be sufficient enough to convince Americans that the nation would be better off with a rogue socialist at the top.

I would venture to say that a good chunk of Americans comprehend that politicians are mostly corrupt hypocrites who almost always pursue their individual self interests prior to that of the peoples. Contemplate this : the Democrats who are currently lecturing the public on the laws of our nation, and their highly important constitutional duty to impeach our dully elected president, are the same ones who peacefully stood by Obama for eight miserable years.

Obama may have been politically correct, but he took the national debt from $10 trillion, to over $20 trillion during his presidency, even though he pledged to cut it in half. He insisted we would all obtain “affordable healthcare” saying, “You can keep your doctor, and you’ll save $2,500 yearly!” What a falsehood that ended up being, and boy did we learn a thing or two from his previous reign of disaster. But Obama’s not the center of this senate trial, but rather Trump’s authenticity and character. It’s not about foreign aid, or suspicious sounding phone calls, it’s about the man in the Oval Office. It’s about degenerating his credibility with the American people, and seducing them to believe that the president is a scum, that all this success our country is enduring has not even the slightest to do with his leadership.

In closure, Vladimir Lenin once said, : “The press should be not only a collective propagandist and a collective agitator, but also a collective organizer of the masses.” It seems many a man are very agitated and negatively roused by the presidency of Donald Trump, not because they have well though out opinions about his presidency, but rather strong prejudices towards his person. The big question I think necessary for us to answer, is one of vital importance. “Do we side with the common prejudices of the mainstream press, or do we gradually form well though out opinions?”

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