Everything That Glitters Is Gold

America’s culture has a tendency to transmit the false notion to our citizens (and non-citizens) that the government, has other roles to play, rather than simply maintaining national security and protecting our constitutional rights. Sure, young people and the uninformed are tremendously fond of government run social programs, the ongoing narrative seems to be that these tax payer funded programs are “free”, but that seems too good to be true, doesn’t it?

In this years election, the top three Democratic presidential hopefuls (Biden, Sanders, and Warren), all have what seems to be the identical idea for garnering the funds necessary to cover their elaborate governmental social expenditures. Their common idea revolves around the extreme taxation of wealthy corporations and ultra-millionaires. Apparently, by severly taxing these fats cats, their “prospective” administrations will then have sufficient capital to subsidize all of their wonderful assistance plans. Wrong.

Firstly, I don’t think any of these particular types of ideologues have any reasonable chance of conquering the Trump administrations presidential domination, he’s given us four rather decent years of existence, and I don’t foresee swing voters jumping for politically uncharted territory (mainly these Democratic radicals). Secondly, it’s been calculated that even if the most opulent individuals and corporations were taxed extraordinarily high, the resources obtained from them would be incapable of properly financing their exorbitant proposals.

So what provokes collectivist mentality among free citizens? Well, the most sensible answer I can provide consists of a multitude of factors. Poverty, oppression, distress, financial instability, the unfortunate consequences that burden our mere existence! Obviously people have good reason to feel aggravated by free markets and capitalism, most of their pain could probably be eliminated if they didn’t have the responsibility of paying bills. But if we were to attempt to cure, even a decent portion of their existential liabilities, it would be impossible. History has shown us this. The stockpiled bodies. The concentration camps. State ownership of once private property. All the result of far left socialist economics.

Maybe you side to the political left, and it’s a possibility that your aware of the Nordic countries. They practice the new, fresh, democratic socialism, right? No. In actuality, the Nordic countries practice free market principles. They don’t have a routinely government adjusted minimum wage, or laws that allow the government to act as a voluntary association for the worker, nor have they made any major efforts to combat climate change, I mean it’s a crisis right? So what then is the government involved in? It’s involved in two things, universal healthcare and free tuition, payed for by high taxes. You choose to work hard, you get more than half your income confiscated by the government. In addition, there is no incentive for ingenuity. People can’t possibly obtain the success they desire in a highly taxed state, so why create anything new? In essence, the Nordic countries practice compassionate theft, which if your wondering, is still theft. And yes, where there is unpunished theft by a large governmental tool, you can guarantee the practice of socialism is presently active there.

Everything that glitters is not gold. This is what the uneducated of this century and the indoctrinated youth don’t know about corrupt radical politicians. It’s not a matter of hoping that they will keep their political promises, but recognizing the state of their heart before casting your ballot. The ability to sense the presence of bad ideas, historically bad ideas, and preventing them from resurfacing themselves into the present. We can solve our nations problems, it won’t come by destroying the private sector (as these socialists desire), but by promoting and encouraging free market competition.

Copyright 2020 @onlookerspub

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