The SOTU, Groveling Dems, And Satire

In order for one to have been a Democrat for the last 3 years, particular criteria on a personal level would need to be met. For starters, a Democrat must consistently detest the presidency of Donald Trump. He may do things that are of extreme benefit for the American people, and he may despise radical ideologies, but regardless, a Democrat should always speak in a negatory manner regarding his accomplishments. Secondly, a Democrat should sensibly accept the doctrine of “intersectionality”, being that it divides people on the basis of their skin color, race, sex, religion, etc. If it were not for intersectionality, all people would be judged by the content of their character, and by their moral keeping with the world around them, that would be inexcusable! Lastly, a Democrat must preach heavily on controversial topics provoked by leftism, such as climate change, social justice, and abortions. But enough with the satirical, yet valid criticism pertaining to the Democratic Party. What in God’s green earth do the Democrats plan on doing next?

If you caught yesterday’s historic State of the Union address, you probably caught a decent glimpse of the real Democratic Party. One that consists of stone face, anti-American, self absorbed, narcissistic, partisan crusaders, wallowing in their own failure and resentment towards the President. They can’t comfortably tolerate the certainty of their own defeat. All that effort. With Russian collusion, the 25th amendment, the Mueller investigation, and now impeachment! Time and time again, they desperately tried to rid him of his rank without exposing their privy schemes, and every time, they only dug their political graves deeper. Now, those graves are so enormously profound, and their agenda has so obviously been revealed, that I don’t perceive they have very many cards left to play. Last night’s speech was a definite comeback for the Trump administration, and another big slap in the face to the Democrats.

In the speech, Trump acted like a president, he spoke like a president, and he touted America’s success during his administrations past management. He brought particular audience members to the lime light by publicizing their individual accomplishments and positive deeds, he denounced the practice of socialism in foreign countries, and he boasted in our recently improved military. All of these verbally announced conquests certainly affected the viewers thoughts towards the often degraded president, and it was truly, honestly, a historic moment for America.

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