Sanders Surging, Democrats Hurting

It’s no surprise to those who have been politically attentive for the last five months why Senator Bernie Sanders has exceeded in popularity among Democratic voters. Throughout the last 4 years, Sanders, as well as a few other radicals have compelled the Democratic Party to the far-left side of the political spectrum, resulting in a noticeable shift among their constituents’ opinions. With the parties foremost enthusiasm stoked by personal hatred towards President Trump, many of the other “now” unsuccessful candidates were making decent progress in the polls regardless if their prospective Ideas for America were drastically unclear. But now that’s old news, the contempt for Trump among voters still remains spirited, and the DNC was left abandoned with an 80-year-old communist for their nominee. An absolute train-wreck, and they know it. 

            What makes Bernie a disaster waiting to occur for the progressive Democratic Party, is his legitimate belief in the economic practice of socialism. The party recognizes that although the commonalities political opinions are usually quite malleable near voting season, it would undoubtedly be impossible to convince more than half of the population to vote for someone they comprehend to be a hazard to freedom itself. 

But maybe that’s not the case. Perhaps just as many voters that turned out to vote for Hillary in 2016 will turn out to vote for Bernie in November. Possibly the “Trump Era” has provoked the politically disarrayed population into such emotional instability against the President, that they would gratefully vote for anyone else to take his place, even If he is a communist. Then again, this projection seems unlikely, but not entirely impossible. 

So, where does the media stand in all of this? The answer is very distinct, the media loathes the Sanders campaign and views him as viable endangerment. Just over the last week, subjective media pundits from many prominent networks have suddenly developed visible animosity towards Sanders. Chuck Todd, an MSNBC commentator best known from his evening show Meet the Press Daily, referred to a conservative writer in order to equate Sanders’ supporters to Hitler’s “brown shirts.” CNN’s Brooke Baldwin, while speaking to Nina Turner (national co-chair for the Sanders Campaign) said, “I want an answer on the fact that the majority of America is not comfortable with a socialist president.” On the program Morning Joe, James Carville, the old Clinton political consultant advised; “That’s it. If we go the way of the British Labour Party (far-left), if we nominate Jeremy Corbyn, it’s going to be the end of days.” 

With Bernie showing definite signs of “frontrunner status”, the Democrat establishment is beginning to wage war in opposition to the Sanders Campaign. After his recent uptick in the polls, the DNC was reminded once again, that all of their more progressive candidates are terrible politicians, and that even all the donors and intentional media favoritism in the world couldn’t save any of them from suspending their campaigns. Uncle Bernie has indefinitely driven the Democratic Party to the left of its comfort zone. He has driven Americans to the left of our nations comfort zone. And if elected, he would be a catastrophe to the future, more than he already is. 

Copyright 2020 @dylanshetler

Dylan Shetler is a conservative Christian apologist from California. He frequently writes opinion pieces for the Onlookers Publication, his own personal blog.

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