Coming Out Looking Good

Without endeavoring to think it over once more, coronavirus has become an absolute catastrophe for America, and it has a pretty decent shot of becoming much more than that if our government decides to make any further disadvantageous, irreversible decisions. But unfortunately, that’s what governments tend to do. No, I don’t perceive for a moment the outcome of this entire plight will completely annihilate the US economy, nor do I place much trust in the prediction numbers for Covid-19 (mortality, recovery, rate of infection, etc.) What I do know is this: The government will either continue to pour gas all over the economy with a lighter in its hand, or they will set up more protective measures for the elderly and vulnerable. So, pick your poison D.C. 

            Although option one seems highly unlikely considering the politics of the current administration, any spontaneous turn of events could cause major disruption to everything once more. We should consider the notion that our “curve” – number of cases – may not be as flat as we would like it to be. Maybe the virus mutates again? Possibly a new strand of coronavirus contagion forms and gains the ability to infect household pets? Ok the last one was a bit absurd, but you get the point. Option two is undoubtedly the most sensible and worthy of significant optimism. I’m no expert of course, but confining those with weak immune systems, vulnerabilities, and elderliness appears to me to be the most effective way to assist our country towards its greatly desired economic recovery. But look out folks, “they” will tell you otherwise. 

            The mainstream media should temporarily be choked, this recommendation obviously contradicts freedom of the press, but it certainly is one I have been secretly contemplating in the back of my mind. If the media was performing in a manner that exalted less hysteria and brought to the fore-front “more actuality”, I wouldn’t be as nearly disturbed. But due to there relentless sensationalistic news coverage and panic enticed journalists, I am morally compelled to denounce them as a cancerous tumor to our society. Nothing stirs fear among the masses more than a little hysteria in a time when matters should be dealt with using caution and rationality. The media knows this, but they value their revenue over the phycological state of Americans. Figures, right? 

            Then what about the politics? It should be said that ambition among our elected activists (mainly Democrats) still runs high during pandemics. Not more than a few days ago, members of “the squad” – a group of extremely leftist Democrats – proposed that a portion of the recent stimulus bill should be devoted to forgiving student loan debt, to be exact, $30,000 per borrower. While this can be recognized as an attempt for these radicals to gain favorability from their youthful ideological look-alike’s – their voters, it is also an indirect testimony to their lack of virtue and unwillingness to pursue what is best for America, even in this troublesome time. Yes, the bill is expected to pass, perhaps as your reading this it already has, but don’t forget which party decided to conceive a ruckus in the process of this madness. The Democrats. 

            Certainly, the Republican party has its visible ambitions as well. Though I couldn’t say they are in any way comparable to that of their political rivals, they exist, and I believe that they are currently in sync with America’s best interests. The Covid-19 pandemic has been a train-wreck for nearly every government globally, some train-wrecks have excelled to greater extents than others, but we are all in it together as the saying goes. When it all ends (and we are all wishing sooner rather than later), when we walk away from the wreckage, everyone will have unique experiential tales to share with one another. Maybe we will laugh, or we might sing a bit in praise, but one voice will always be heard. The media and it’s corrupt Democratic allies. They will be the resounding gong at the end of every decision made by their opponent, with their subjective narratives and intentionally negative rhetoric, they will blame the Trump administration wherever they think necessary. 

Dylan Shetler is a freelancing self-taught journalist and Christian apologist. He owns and operates his personal blog The Onlookers Publication :

You can follow him on Twitter @shetler_dylan

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