Guilty China And Lots of Liars

In a country with 1.3 billion inhabitants, extremely confined vertical housing, and lots of densely populated spaces, China looks like it handled its own infectious virus quite well, doesn’t It? They undoubtedly were able to “flatten the curve” as the timely slogan goes (this means not allowing the ongoing disease to exceed a given countries health care capacity), and their number of cases has dropped to basically nothing, leaving many people to ponder what effective means China utilized to produce the outcome they did. Meanwhile in America we have accumulated an astonishing 150,000 cases – nearly double that of China’s 81,000 reported cases – all the while having a national population of about one-forth of China’s. Why does it appear that China received all of the “good fortune” during this outbreak? With other countries crumbling at the sight of this, and most economies and markets finding this almost unbearable, people can’t help but ask the obvious questions.

In this time, we should all be aware that those on the political left are going to and already are voicing themselves in a politically provocative manner. They will yell at the government, then the health care system, then the people for not being angry enough about those who supposedly caused them agony during the pandemic, but ultimately the current administration. If you’ve caught five minutes of CNN this week, or any other Democratic media outlet for that matter, you might have heard that President Trump is what’s wrong with everything. Trump is why we have racists that like calling Covid-19 the “Chinese flu”, Trump is why global warming is still an existential threat, Trump is why we don’t have enough medical supplies, did you know, Trump is even why we have the Coronavirus in the first place! It’s all garbage, and it makes you wonder what these people ingest in order to think this way? Probably garbage. By playing politics and spewing highly inaccurate computer predictions and models, the mainstream media has its viewers hooked on sensationalistic fear and most of all, hatred. So then what?

This is what we should know, most importantly that China is not our friend. Yes I understand that they sent lots of medical supplies, but this is just a diversion tactic, PR if you will, remember these are communists with guilty conscience’s. The numbers I mentioned earlier regarding the number of cases China incurred are obviously false, the most obvious reason to begin with being China’s track-record with credibility. They say they had only 81,000 cases, yet information has recently surfaced showing that medical specialists in China intentionally misreported the “cause of death” for many infected patients. If a person infected had a health condition prior to their contraction of the disease, say cancer or diabetes, a doctor under the influence of nefarious authoritarians could easily claim that the patient died of a condition irrelevant to the virus. Then we must take into account the number of urns distributed from funeral homes to the relatives of those who died, a little investigative journalism found that it far surpassed the number the local authorities had previously issued concerning deaths. In addition, 1 in 4 of those affected are said to have unrecognizable symptoms, in other words asymptomatic, allowing them to silently spread the disease without even being conscious that they are doing it. Meaning that in actuality, all of these statistics, in terms of “those infected”, are inexact and fallacious from the moment they are released.

It’s starting to become evident to me, that China knows a little more, perhaps much more than they claim to know about this destructive pathogen. We shouldn’t place any trust in the CCP, nor should we believe anything they say until it is at least verified by sources outside of the regime. Nice or not, China is and always will be a threat to our Democracy, as well as any Democratic state, as long as it continues to practice communism. Where the collective is valued higher than the individual, more accurately, where the individual does not exist. Stay Strong Folks.

Dylan Shetler is a freelancing self-taught journalist and Christian apologist. He owns and operates his personal blog The Onlookers Publication :

You can follow him on Twitter @shetler_dylan

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