A Historical Decision That Needs To Be Made

It’s without a doubt true that a lot has happened over the past couple of days. It’s difficult to say what aside from the reality of the death, suffering, and tragedy inflicted by this unseen contagion (most of it occurring in New York), but I perceive that some Americans are coming to their senses. Those with families, in particular, I know have been asking this specific question for quite some time. You can watch the news, read the statistics, and consistently emerge yourself in as many opinions as you want concerning the CCP virus, but ultimately this entire catastrophe boils down to one question : Do we open the country, or do we continue in confinement and economic instability?

It’s obvious what America’s opponents desire, “keep everyone home, enlarge the number of individuals on unemployment, and criticize and mock the Trump administrations handling of the ongoing pandemic.” Sound familiar, its because it is. The left, perhaps not the entire Democratic Party, is spewing socialist ideas to the American public as I write this. The working class, and those below or slightly above the poverty line will unfortunately be the persons affected most by the consequences of the temporary economic crisis. We will make it through, I pray, but people will be hurt either way – depending on how we decide to act. Socialism is known to be widely considered in times when a sizable portion of the citizens in a given country are financially unstable. Most folks vote with limited understanding regarding their candidate and his agenda, and in economically dark times, you can never really predict how people are going to choose to respond.

President Trump understands that Americans are becoming agitated at the notion of keeping the country closed any longer, and he also knows that the CCP virus’ task force is against the implementation of this decision, but the time is becoming shorter regarding how long he has left to make the choice between the two of them. So in the meantime, businesses are closed, rents aren’t being paid, and unemployment is disastrously high. It’s no laughing matter, and we will eventually reap the consequences, but why must it be this way?

The short answer is, the unexpected and the unprecedented are difficult to handle when found together, albeit we knew what was coming, we didn’t have sufficient knowledge in the first place to generate a decent national response.

My prayers go out to all of those suffering, perhaps unbearably under the evils of this contagious virus, and to those on the front-lines striving to make our country a better place. But the choice still remains, it’s up to the president, he alone will make the call, and if he is wise, sooner rather than later. The Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen, recently summed up this choice in a nutshell, “The situation we are in is far more complicated than appreciating human life.” And he is right, unfortunately, our future depends on what we do now.

Dylan Shetler is a freelancing self-taught journalist and Christian apologist. He owns and operates his personal blog The Onlookers Publication : onlookers.news

You can follow him on Twitter @shetler_dylan

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