Coronavirus Politics, An Unfortunate Reality

It occurred to me in early March, that the Coronavirus was more than just the seasonal flu. It wasn’t as if the virus had a unique way of dispersing its victims corpses across a reasonable extent of time, equivalent, to say, a year. If this was so, it would have been more understandable to classify it as something akin to an influenza like pathogen. But, as we soon discovered, this virus was not the type. Instead, we found it to be equipped with a peculiar fondness to rapidly annihilate those whom it infects, mostly the elderly, the sick, and the vulnerable in general. Unfortunately, the national response to this contagion, has also been an infector. Our countries economy is in shambles, the majority of us are still under “shutdowns” (ordered by individual states), and those currently in positions of power are showing the public how they behave under immense pressure. In essence, the entire scenario blows.

            But of course, everything important happening must unavoidably endure significant politicization. And it seems once again, that the left and the right are divided, but over what exactly? The simple answer being the plausible notion that both sides are simultaneously interested in handling the virus in a different manner.

Those on the political left are suggesting that Americans should be alarmed at the capacity of this virus, that they should stay indoors, collect stimulus checks, and ride out the pandemics destruction. For how long? They can’t say, but merely asking that question is considered insensible. On Tuesday night, CNN’s Don Lemon stated this concerning the people protesting the state ordered shutdowns ; your slapping the faces of the people who are- the health care workers, who put their lives on the line because you want a haircut, or you want to go play golf. Mr. Lemon’s argument, is not one made with thoughtful reasoning or thorough consideration, but one that was intentionally formulated to indirectly characterize those protesting the shutdowns as insane, heartless, pro-Trump incompetents who could care less about the people suffering from the virus. One might note that the word liberty, or at least its actual definition, doesn’t seem to inhabit Mr. Lemons mind anymore.

On the political right however, the suppression of citizens constitutional rights appears to be the most aggravating issue at hand. With the ordered shutdowns, 22 million people have been forced to apply for unemployment, or soon confront starvation. Small businesses, the backbone of the US economy, have been deemed “non-essential” by those in authority, and science itself is revealing its obvious inadequacies. The models and data used a month ago, no longer accurately apply with what’s happening now. Albeit the imputation of new information into these predictors continues, the results have shown, on multiple occasions in the recent past, to be greatly imprecise. These are the things in which I perceive are presently compelling those on the political right to peacefully assemble and protest, as guaranteed by their first amendment rights.

This nuisance of a situation has driven not just conservatives and republicans, but all Americans to ask the timely but extremely relevant question, will it be extensive governmental intervention that cures the nation of coronavirus, or will it be the responsibility of the American people to make socially considerate decisions amidst an invisible enemy? The former is unconstitutional and unfathomable with regard to the economic consequences that would inevitably ensue following the implementation of a strategy like this, while the latter, at least places the control of consensual voluntary transactions (aka free enterprise) back into the hands of the American people.

Do we weaken the constitutions influence on Americans by allowing our government officials to repetitiously violate it in the name of “public health”, therefore devaluing its importance and significance amongst the masses, or do we fight for the individual to be given back the ability to make competent choices without tyrannical overseers? I believe that our recovery from this crisis will be a mixture of both of these plans, but hopefully, it will contain less government and more community.

Dylan Shetler is a freelancing self-taught journalist and Christian apologist.

You can follow him on Twitter @shetler_dylan


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