Democrats Further Discredit Themselves Amidst Shutdowns

By Dylan Shetler

They think they know better than the people”

Are some governors merely “out-of-touch” with the feelings of their citizens, or have they become accustomed to regularly having enormous amounts of incontestable authority? Perhaps it’s neither of these proposed inferences, others certainly think this is the case. For the last two months many Americans have been instructed by left-leaning politicians, media pundits, and medical experts to think something to the toon of “trust the science not defiance.” Defiance meaning the action of citizens daring to protest their states imposed shutdowns, science meaning, diligently obeying whatever the authorities command you to do, of course, until they say otherwise. The former being constitutionally acceptable, the latter, tyrannical. 

Michigans original “Stay-at-Home-Order” was set to expire May 1st, but the states governor Gretchen Whitmer (D) recently decided that this date was to soon, promptly issuing more executive orders that extend the states shutdown until the 28th. Whitmers first executive order to shutdown Michigan already was met with a good deal of opposition from residents, extending this order, however, will unquestionably inflict a lasting negative effect on her chances at incurring future political success. In other words, her reputation with voters is going even further south by the minute.

Gavin Newsom (D), governor of California, imposed his “Stay-at-Home-Order” on March 19th, effectively closing all restaurants, entertainment venues, gyms, hair/nail salons, convention centers, and any and all gatherings (this includes churches and places where religious meetings occur). Possibly you’re like me, living in the Golden State, and contemplating whether or not this “Stay-at-Home-Order” has an expiration date? Don’t! According to the state, the order is set in place until further notice. Newsom was recently asked when the state planned on enabling schools and churches to re-open, the governor somberly replied, “months, not weeks.” 

This morning, Yahoo news uploaded a story with the headline, “Brooke Baldwin Gives Lockdown-Defying Barber The Painful Truth About Coronavirus.” Baldwin, a CNN host, repeatedly lectured Juan Desmarais, a California barber-shop owner, about, what she called “the reality of this virus (Coronavirus).” Apparently she was quite agitated by the fact that Juan, a small business owner, was choosing to re-open his doors to begin serving paying customers again. People that do this, in the left’s opinion, are known as “lockdown defiers”, and should be condemned. 

The truth is, those that advocate for the continuance of shutdowns are living in an alternate reality. This alternate reality thinks that the government, with all of their well utilized statistical scientific data and medical expertise, are more capable and well equipped to handle the Coronavirus than the American people. They think they can cure peoples financial problems with unemployment and stimulus checks. They assume that people will embrace what information their media allies provide to be unquestionably true, because they think they know better than you! Worst of all, it doesn’t appear that they mind being despots in the process. And that’s frightening. 

Protests and civil disobedience continue, and rightfully so, because occasionally, the powerful need to be reminded who actually holds the authority in this country. Many states have chosen to cross the very important line that divides liberty, from tyranny, and we need not forget to oppose this overstepping by the government in the upcoming days and weeks. 

Dylan Shetler is a freelancing self-taught journalist and Christian apologist. He owns and operates his personal blog The Onlookers Publication :

You can follow him on Twitter @shetler_dylan

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