Destroying Coronavirus Or Bust Is Not A Plan For Recovery

Lately, I have strangely found myself scoffing at certain news headlines, particularly ones that include the words “Experts Say.” It is as if I have developed this peculiar disdain for the very people whose opinions recent mainstream narratives are suggesting we should regard as sensible and perceptive. In addition, it seems that in recent months the social media platform Twitter, has evolved into an easily accessible but highly inaccurate medical hotline service. It’s almost like everyone just suddenly finished their epidemiology graduate programs, I never could have imagined so many people were actually undisclosed public health aficionados. But these things are all petty irritations when compared to the poor governance our country’s leaders have exerted in the past weeks. No, I’m not referring to the Orange Man at the helm (of whom most Democrats and leftists have identified as the “cause of all things bad”), but to the governors and state officials who have failed miserably at handling Coronavirus recovery.

If you are a state official, taking the Coronavirus seriously does not involve drowning your state in debt, killing small business, and then rapidly turning to the Fed for monetary assistance. Neither does it mean we need to repetitiously utter phrases such as, “this is the new normal” and “who is the WHO” – no pun intended. Instead, we should recall the famous quote, originating from Lincoln, “if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.” Remember all the times in which the legacy media claimed that President Trump’s Administration would eventually amplify into a dictatorship? I guess it never manifested. Alternatively, Trump asserted that it was each states responsibility to manage the Coronavirus in whatever manner they saw fit.

States responded by implementing “Stay-at-Home-Orders”, which forced businesses deemed “non-essential” to close their doors immediately, and officially made everything judged not “pandemic friendly” to shutdown. For some time, most residents of these states were quite compliment in adhering to the rules set in place by their government officials, but this “adherence” slowly disintegrated as the shutdowns consequences began to materialize.

Now we can see that the curve has been flattened, the number of Coronavirus cases never exceeded the health care capacity of any state, and the entirety of the apocalyptic mortality predictions made by supposedly “credible people” proved themselves to be erroneous. But even so, these things meant nothing to some governors. As of today, a multitude of states are still under unnecessary and economically detrimental Stay-at-Home-Orders, undeniably contributing to the national unemployment rate, and causing severe fiscal budget reevaluations.

This is the real disease. Having people in authority that are listening too much to the experts and not enough to the people. Yes we need experts, but we also need a country with competent leaders that are capable of making decisions that are both constitutionally and epidemiologically consistent. This means that developing immunity to the Coronavirus is the next step, not playing a never-ending game of “it’s too soon to re-open.” Re-opening swiftly should be an extremely relevant objective for particular states, but expecting that these state governments can somehow annihilate the Coronavirus by implementing large quantities of domineering restrictions and health standards is a bombastic fairy tale.

Dylan Shetler is a freelancing self-taught journalist and Christian apologist. He owns and operates his personal blog The Onlookers Publication :

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